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Insights, Analytics and CRM

We transform our clients' "front office" by using the best digital practices, the best tools on the market and AI, to optimize customer strategy and accelerate its execution.

How to Automate Customer Interactions

We help you manage and implement processes and tools which automate customer service. Investing in technologies like RPA or a chatbot can drastically improve the service quality while significantly reducing costs.


How to Select, Design, and Deploy Customer Relationship Management tools.

We help our clients accelerate their digital transformation by independently selecting and deploying within their teams the most relevant marketing, sales, and customer service solutions according to their digital maturity and needs.


How to Monetize Data

Data valorization and data monetization are smart ways for companies to generate new sources of revenues. Sia Partners supports clients on this topic with proven expertise; strategic study, go-to-market strategy, design and implementation of data valorization and monetization initiatives.


How to Enable Insight Generation and Real-Time Decisions

We help construct tailor-made and predictive offers in the light of more relevant insights. We take an agile and data-driven approach in order to generate insights that are verifiable and that deal both with market and customers.


How to Harness Customer Lifetime Value

We help identify our clients’ most valuable customers in the long run by implementing a customer lifetime value analysis, in order to better quantify the financial impact resulting from their customer experience. We support clients in identifying the link between customer value and business.