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Claim Bot for insurers

Improve user experience and Claim operator experience in Auto against Auto glass breakages by providing a chatbot to help with the declaration of a broken glass claim

What is it?

In response to the constant increase in auto claims, the digitalization of tools and the pressure on costs in the back offices, most of insurance companies have already equipped themselves with online e-declaration tools, or even dedicated mobile applications.

The next step is now to support claim teams in their efforts to automate and fasten their processes in order to reshape customer relations towards greater fluidity, individuality, proximity and immediacy and, thus, enable policyholders to be captured and retained.

The declaration of a claim is then a major issue: As it is the main point of contact between the insurers and the policyholders, it alone crystallizes the issues specific to the customer experience: customer satisfaction and customer knowledge. 

How does it work ?

This bot helps with the declaration of a broken glass claim, for a declaration in 5 to 10 minutes only and at any time: 

- Relieving congestion in existing channels and improve the user experience provided

- Automation of claims management tasks, from reporting to processing

- Data collection and better customer knowledge

- High adaptability to your IT and digital ecosystem thanks to a technology that can be applied to all communication channels (mobile, PC but also IVS)


If you wish to learn more about this bot, please use the link below :

Claim bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of IA solutions developed by Sia Partners

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