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How we implement a profitable and qualitative outsourcing strategy

We help our clients build a cost-effective and qualitative outsourcing strategy in line with their strategic priorities, in order to create an optimized outsourcing model with the appropriate activities and service providers.

• Identify the front of office activities to be outsourced. We help companies frame their outsourcing needs: while the traditional "cost-oriented" logic remains important, it is also essential to take into account the company’s strategic objectives. In this context, companies need to ensure that their core business is kept in-house.

• Define a strategy from an outsourcing model. We step in to help establish a profitable strategy based on the outsourcing model most suited to each company’s objectives.

• Choose the best service provider. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the outsourcing market, we are able to advise companies on the offer that is most suited to their business model and objectives, and most likely to deliver a specific and measurable value proposition.

• Set-up and manage the project. We ensure the creation of a cross-functional governance able to control both internal and outsourced activities.

The increase in the quality of service after we accompanied a leader in the French housing market in the outsourcing of the Customer Relationship Center, allowing for better customer satisfaction, accessibility rate, and processing time for calls and emails.

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Our Intervention in the Energy Sector

Find out how we helped an Energy sector player improve their outsourcing strategy for their Customer Relationship Center.

In the face of increasing competition in the energy market, the performance of Customer Service has become a key element in the choices made by consumers, who call for a differentiating customer experience. This means that Energy companies need to differentiate themselves. This is why this player chose to change their CRC solution from an old on-premise solution to a Cloud-based solution in order to guarantee a flexible, adaptable and ergonomic service. To this end, we intervened to help the client identify the impact of this change of tools on their relationship with service providers. To do this, we carried out a benchmark on the best practices of managing service providers, in order to support our client in their innovation strategy for their Customer Relationship Center.