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How We Target Operational Excellence and Hypervision

We help you optimize your operating model by designing a competency model that responds to the issues highlighted by an augmented prediction model, and with a 360° monitoring of your systems in real time.

Improve Customer Experience. Customer service is a key success factor when it comes to customer satisfaction. In this context, we help companies define the necessary operational capacities to create dynamic, seamless and multi-channel journeys that lead to a more efficient allocation of customer time and, thus, that offer a better service level and resolution rate to clients.


Anticipate interactions via hypervision. We capitalize on a 360 view of your systems and an end-to-end understanding of customer journeys to help forecast interactions on every channel for both hot and cold activities, at an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence.


Optimize the operating model. We define a customized competency model – i.e. classification of skills, staff size, skills allocation per point and cause of contacts – in light of your business type, in order to enable you to leverage human and technological capacities that are more effective from the very first request, so that your service costs and potential customer value are optimized.


Increase the performance of the prediction model. We enable you to optimize, enhance and make your prediction model more dynamic by integrating external data with a high added value to your business.


Leverage data to optimize customer service management. Our expertise in data science enables us to develop tailormade solutions to considerably improve the call forecasting in call centers and optimize the management of the workload linked to these calls. Among other tools, we have an AI solution specifically developed for our energy clients, which is based on machine learning algorithms that are capable of predicting the number of calls depending on the weather conditions. This solution enables us to have a vision of the workload within several weeks and to consequently optimize the organization.

The percentage of calls with a response time of less than 20 seconds, for the customer service department of a British banking player, after the implementation of the multi-site call routing solution, Genesys.


How We Accmpanied an Insurance Leader

Find out how we supported an insurance leader in framing an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephony program.

Sia Partners collaborated with the Sales and Customer Relations Department within the Hypervision team in order to frame the target vision of the IVR telephony program. To do this, we lead the request for proposals to implement natural language, and framed the custom management voice, callback, and voice cookie projects. We also supported the business divisions in the development of future career paths and organized ideation workshops with multidisciplinary teams.

Our Work in the Energy sector

In order to stand out in a context where the French Energy market is increasingly competitive and where the perception of customer service has become a determining factor in the consumer’s choice, Sia Partners helped this Energy player to change its contact center’s digital solution. We helped them pilot the deployment of a virtual call center and support their service providers in taking charge of the new solution. Our intervention resulted in drastically reduced waiting times and increased accessibility for customers, which positively impacted the perception of their customer service.

Our Work in the Water sector

Find out how we helped a player in the water sector to produce models for predicting customer calls

In order to make the most of the data at their disposal, the Consumer Department of this player in the water sector identified that being able to predict the number of calls is a subject with high added value, and would allow them to optimize their relationship with their providers who are responsible for the activities of the call centers. This project was entrusted to Sia Partners, who, thanks to an expertise in Data Science consulting and in the water sector, was able to test out the development of models to predict the number of calls by region and business teams.