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Augmented Marketing

We capitalize on available data and enrich it in order to design new offers and define marketing strategies that are both augmented and customer centric, and that serve leads management, customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

How we build an engagement and activation strategy

We help our clients define a data-driven marketing strategy in order to acquire, convert, and retain their clients. To do so, we rely on the best digital marketing practices and identify the most relevant use cases for their objectives and digital maturity


How we define a content strategy

We help our clients to structure and improve the reliability of the data product that is created and enhanced throughout the graphic chain, in order to lay the foundation for their content strategy


How we optimize retention and acquisition

We support Marketing teams in developping the potential of their online and offline acquisition channels and the growth of their top-line revenues by retaining their customers with the highest value, and by acquiring new customers through analytical data and a tailored-made strategy.


How we support you to reach excellence in terms of lead management

We help marketing teams optimize the management, the volume, and the quality of their leads by implementing an efficient methodology of lead maturation and process to develop their activity’s revenues and sales’ efficiency.


How to define micro-segments

We help our clients design relevant marketing strategies and optimize the return on investment of each campaign. We do it thanks to a thorough knowledge of their customers’ needs, acquired through an advanced micro-segmentation methodology based on the augmented analysis of internal and external da