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Marketing, Sales & Customer Experience

In order to meet ever-evolving customers’ expectations and consumption habits, Sia Partners has developed a comprehensive and proven expertise in the field of customer experience to support executive management, marketing, sales and customer relationship departments.

  • Optimized Customer Service

    We leverage our expertise in customer relationship to create industrialized and personalized customer services enabled by optimized operating models, in order to alleviate attrition and effectively meet customers’ needs in real time.

  • Mutually Benefical Sales

    We define practical axis of improvement to increase efficiency and commercial performances at each step of the sales cycle through all the channels.

  • Differentiating Customer Experience

    We design differentiating and seamless customer experiences that serve customer satisfaction and we transform the operating model of organizations to deliver them.

  • Augmented Marketing

    We capitalize on available data and enrich it in order to design new offers and define marketing strategies that are both augmented and customer centric, and that serve leads management, customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

  • Insights, Analytics and CRM

    We transform our client’s front offices building on best digital practices, best tools on the market and AI to enable customer strategy and accelerate its execution.