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Consulting for Good | Our ESG Approach

Consulting for Good describes Sia Partners’ ambition to be a purpose-driven company with ESG at its core. Beyond our own policies, practices, and culture, our comprehensive approach integrates ESG into innovative offerings for our clients worldwide, working across three pillars.


Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach begins at home, with policies and values that support our people, our community, and our planet.

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Consulting For Good is Sia Partners’ global Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance approach, by which we strive to integrate ESG into the core of our business strategy, operations, and culture. Our approach covers Sia Partners’ practices and policies, as well as the support we offer our clients via innovative offerings centered on sustainability.

 Consulting For Good operates across three pillars:

  • Climate 
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ethics & Compliance


We leverage Responsible AI across each of these pillars, putting data science at the service of ESG.

Efforts within these labs are both internal and external, and are centered around three global ambitions:

  1. We strive to be an engaged consulting firm by minimizing our environmental impact and engaging with local communities.
  2. We aim to be a next-level employer by supporting the career development of our employees, promoting diversity and inclusion, and fostering a sense of community.
  3. We endeavor to be a trusted partner by remaining uncompromising on ethics and compliance and maintaining responsible relationships with our suppliers.

Click below to discover Sia Partners' global ESG report and other internal engagements. 


Leading by example

We are committed to continuously improving our ESG practices and measuring our progress globally through our annual ESG report, United Nations Global Compact Agreement and Ecovadis Rating.

2022 ESG Report

At Sia Partners, we are committed to making our practices, policies, and actions more sustainable, and to providing transparency to our stakeholders in the process. To see where we are and what's next, check out our 2022 ESG Report.

Committed to progress

Sia Partners is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. As such, we are committed to incorporating the Global Compact’s Ten Principles into our strategies, policies, and procedures. These principles describe responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Sia Partners also completes a yearly evaluation with Ecovadis, a third-party sustainability rating. Our current score places us in the top 4% of all companies across all industries. 

Our Certificates

Code of Conduct

Our success relies on the behavior of our people. In line with our Consulting for Good approach to ESG, we are committed to fostering a culture of ethics that is anchored in our values. Our Code of Conduct outlines the role of each of our stakeholders therein.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We are committed to building into our DNA a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, in which our people thrive in a sense of belonging. 

CAMERR: Cameroon Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration & Resilience

Sia Partners co-finances the largest mangrove restoration project in Cameroon with the goal of restoring 1,000 hectares of mangrove forests in the Cameroon and Ntem estuaries over a 30-year period,




Supporting our clients

We are integrating ESG into innovative offerings for our clients worldwide, working across three pillars: Climate, Ethics & Compliance, and Social Responsibility.


The urgent need to limit the scale of climate change is widely acknowledged. 

Sia Partners has been committed to accelerating carbon reduction and the energy transition for 15 years. 12% of our revenue is generated by offerings related to climate change; we help clients in the public and private sectors navigate the ongoing global transition to a low-carbon economy. Profound mitigation and adaptation are necessary to build a sustainable, resilient world of tomorrow. 

5 Key Focus Areas

  1. Addressing Climate Change: Adapting more sustainable business models by opting for circularity, life cycle assessments and GHG emissions reduction.
  2. Leveraging Technology: Optimizing processes and opening new opportunities via innovative tools, like AI and quantum Computing.
  3. Green Finance: Taking environmental considerations into account to inform investments in the financial sector, allocating resources via green products, assets, and investments.
  4. Government Regulations: Keeping up-to-date with requirements and allocating resources accordingly for reporting, measuring, and adhering to standards
  5. Biodiversity: Protecting the variety of plant and animal life on our planet by preventing the degradation of our oceans and lands.

Climate Analysis Center

Social Responsibility

Companies in all industries have an important social responsibility in relation to their people, communities, and other stakeholders. For sustainable growth, it is crucial that employers optimize their practices and policies to strengthen employee engagement and well-being. In our Social Responsibility Lab, we develop offerings to help our clients to do precisely this.  

Our offerings include tools and strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion, integrating best practice Industry 4.0 techniques and trends, optimizing remote working practices, and supporting work-life balance. 

Additional focus areas for this lab include training & development, burnout and brownout, relocation support, and ESG Policy. 

group of people

Inclusive Job Ads

Diversity is not only important for employee well-being: it is good for business. How can companies attract more diverse talent? One way is by examining gender-coded words in job ads. By leveraging the data science capabilities in our Responsible AI lab, we have developed a scraper tool that detects coded language and suggests alternatives that studies have shown to be less biased. By correcting gender bias in this way, companies are able to attract and build a more diverse talent pool. 

Ethics & Compliance

Ethics and Compliance are intangible assets that help all types of organizations not only preserve their reputation, but also ensure the loyalty of their clients, investors, and third parties of all kinds, as well as generate new opportunities.

Nowadays, the public is more and more concerned with companies’ practices and their abidance not only with the law but with ethical standards and best practices. Sia Partners has designed multiple offerings to guide our clients, of all types and sectors, as they address compliance and ethical topics in a structured and innovative fashion, paying particular attention to the implication of all stakeholders and measurable effectiveness of the programs implemented. 

Our international and multicultural approach allows us to address topics such as anti-corruption, where regulation is oftentimes the result of extra-territorial laws and local customs, necessitating a simultaneous need for flexibility, adaptability, and coherence.

In our Ethics & Compliance Lab, we have clearly-defined solutions adaptable to all types of clients, each of them supplemented with cutting-edge tools to provide a comprehensive response to issues related to anti-corruption, data privacy, digital compliance, duty of care, and financial security.

Leveraging Responsible AI

Artificial intelligence is deeply transforming our society and economies. This disruptive technology is creating both new approaches to work and new partnerships between humans and machines, providing opportunities to solve today’s most pressing challenges. While the development of AI creates new opportunities, it also raises new questions about the accountability of AI models, and the need to ensure safeguards for fairness, interpretability, privacy, and security. 

As part of our Consulting for Good approach, we aim to ensure the ethical, transparent, and accountable use of AI technologies, both in our own solutions and in the projects we conduct with our clients.

AI abstract

Driving Responsible AI Strategies

Our Compliance and Data Science teams combine their expertise to help our clients develop responsible AI strategies and principles based on the values of their organization. Our approach serves our clients’ willingness to self-regulate by offering tools to control ethical risks, enhance the clarity and transparency of models, and govern ethical risk. Our mix of business and technical expertise enables us to address the strategic, organisational, and operational aspects of AI ethics.

AI abstract

Developing AI Responsibly

Our Business and Data Science teams develop tools, guidelines, and resources for ethical AI innovation.

  • Governance: Establish strong governance with clear ethical standards and accountability frameworks.
  • Design: Develop ethical AI solutions ensuring transparency. 
  • Monitoring: Algorithmic responsibility, bias, and safety measures.
  • Empowering: Democratizing AI within our organization to develop an AI mindset in our consulting offering: Augmented Consulting 

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