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We break down today's trending topics to equip you with the knowledge to anticipate the business world of tomorrow.

  • Artificial Intelligence Act: What can we learn from it?

    Artificial Intelligence can bring a wide array of economic and societal benefits but also generate new risks for individuals. The Artificial Intelligence Act presents a risk-based regulatory approach to AI across the EU without unduly constraining or hindering technological development.

  • Shaping the Future of European Payments: PSD3 & FiDA

    The Payment Service Directive (PSD3), Payment Service Regulation (PSR), and Financial Data Access Regulation (FiDA) are set to reshape the European payment services market, driving growth and innovation. This Insight Page explores FiDA's expected pivotal role in open finance.

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    CAMERR: Cameroon Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration & Resilience

    In November 2022, Sia Partners, together with Orange and Planète Urgence, launched the CAMERR project (Cameroon Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration & Resilience).

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    AI Maturity Assessment

    Leverage the full potential of AI, including generative AI, by assessing and enhancing your organization's AI maturity.

  • SiaGPT

    SiaGPT: Generation of Service Agreements from Contracts

    Automation of Service Agreement (CVS) generation to optimise the contract review process through Generative AI.