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Organization and Efficiency of the Compliance Function

With the increase of regulations, and the need for firms to automate processes, Sia Partners supports its clients in the transformation of the Compliance function from a cost centre to an ally in the management of compliance risks.

Sanctions Challenger

Automat the research on sanctions lists


Smart Data Quality

Enhance your data quality management tools


Reg Review

Automate the gathering of regulatory articles and their exploitation to optimize regulatory watch.


Change Management (with Nod-A)

Effective compliance programs require the participation of all employees. Regulatory awareness needs to be raised and habits need to gradually and smoothly evolve in order to create an effictive Compliance program. Nod-A, will help you strengthen your compliance program and its effectiveness.


Organization of the Compliance function

Faced with the increased risk of non-compliance, Sia Partners assists institutions in identifying agile solutions, processes and tools to put the Compliance Function at the heart of corporate strategy.