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Financial Crime

Sia Partners assists its clients in the transformation of their financial security set-up.

Fraud detection bot

The extraction of common behaviors from these everyday life datasets can help companies improve their data quality, detect outliers and in the end increase their financial performance.


Optimizing financial security and innovating

Sia Partners supports banks to address new compliance issues, in order to reduce costs, and optimize frameworks in a customer-centric approach. We help you develop innovative solutions, in line with regulatory expectations.


Innovative Fraud Detection Solutions

Accompanying our clients in the fight against fraud through the integration of AI, by constructing a system that ensures prevention, detection, processing and self-learning to control and prevent the risk of fraud.


Compliance Risk Assessment

Assist banks in assessing the risk of non-compliance (e.g. Sanctions, AML) by defining methodologies (inherent risks, controls) and managing campaigns. Optimize Risk Assessment to reduce burdens and improve the quality of reporting to regulators.


Optimized CTF weak signals detection

We support banks in the definition of separate CTF framework, advocated by regulators and financial intelligence units (e.g., Tracfin). We assist in implementing long term framework for detecting weak signals as well as mid term tactical solutions.


Optimized and compliant AML frameworks

We assist our clients in the evolution of AML frameworks to meet regulatory requirements (e.g. scoring, PEP screening). We also assist banks in optimizing alerts by limiting false positives (e.g. AI models) and automating processing (e.g. RPA).


Sanctions and Embargoes framework and optimization

Sia Partners' expertise on Sanctions programs (e.g. OFAC) assists you in defining consistent and optimized frameworks. We also support you in the deployment of filtering tools, screening and alerts optimization (e.g. AI model) including process automation (e.g. RPA)


Native KYC, a Competitive Advantage

Enhance KYC frameworks in line with regulatory evolutions, by defining a standard that corresponds to your customer segments and jurisdictions. Automate KYC processes with the implementation of innovative tools natively integrated into the customer journey.