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Market Data Management

Capital markets and Asset Manager Participants acquire millions in Market Data sets that enable their investments process. This is a critical component to their functions as a Traders, PMs, Research Analyst even operations and technologist .


Our Offerings

Benchmarking Market Data Spend

Benchmarking Marking Data Spend to  Strengthen Negotiating tactics: Identify whether you're receiving competitive Market Data Pricing and how you compare against your peer group.

Increase your negotiating leverage through knowledge of our peer group commercial pricing data giving you a competitive edge when negotiating with vendors.

Optimisation Tools

RADR & B-Bloom

Reducing Market Data Rapidly through advance Analytics: Identifying and strategically eliminating duplicative and low usage market data services with no impact exposure to your business.

Diagnostic techniques to enhance cost efficiency through usage analysis that rapidly identifies low market data product consumption.

The Complexity of Reference Data

The complexity of Reference Data Costs and the large number of applications accessing third-party data in a suboptimal manner results in more than 55% redundant and unnecessary data charges. Consult our brochure to find out how we can help.

Data Monetisation

Define and understand how data set characteristics could attract more market participants enhancing revenue market share.

Evaluate strategic data assets and operational effectiveness through proven methods that highlight both revenue opportunities and business threats on a firm's data assets.

Technology & Operations

Technology and Operational disciplines for sustainable efficiencies: Maintain strong Application and Exchange technology architecture to reduce latency risk and mitigate compliance risk.

Improve policies and procedures on packaging and re-distribute market data feeds with efficiency and without infringement of intellectual properties. 

Sia Partners approach to effective Business Performance is defined by 5 key Principals of Efficiency and Effectiveness

  1. Business Strategy that drives efficiency objectives and priorities
  2. Integrated Demand & Vendor Management ensures the organization consumes only what is required at the best possible commercial terms driven by specific business requirements
  3. Governance of Efficiency Initiatives ensures proper execution of the organization’s efficiency objectives
  4. Transparency through deployment of best-in-class category specific management systems
  5. Analytics & Planning to provide detailed reporting of business drivers to effectively and nimbly increase accountability
Business Performance & Efficiency   Framework

A pioneered Sustainable approach to business performance and efficiency providing controls and  disciplines across the entire organization


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