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Ingredient & Label Screener

Green, Healthy and Responsible values change consumers expectations and set major challenges for companies.

92% of consumers wish to buy product that respect both planet and society. 6 out of 10 french women pay attention to cosmetic products composition.

Digital revolution strongly empowers consumers and swiftly translates these new values into new habit. 15% of French consumers use screening mobile apps to make their purchase decisions. Applications such as QuelComsetic and Yuka are used to scan products and analyze their composition.

Those new trends, tools & data have major impacts on cosmetic manufacturer and affect all teams across the organization. Sia Partners have developed a solution to help each team of your organization to drive sustainability in their day-to-day work.

Ingredient & Label screener tool

Thanks to AI and to our expertise, we have developed a solution to improve the sustainability strategy of our clients. A all-in-one AI solution that provides a regulatory & reputational score enables companies to activate action plans on different levels.

Our scoring method, based on 3 key indicators enables you to get a straightforward sustainability overview of your product portfolio, your ingredients and of the competition.

Our Ingredient screener solution enables companies to compare their product portfolio to competitors portfolio and to provide information to the end customer.

Our Label Screener is based on image analysis techniques and allows to automate artwork and label audit before an after printing.