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Pierre Leplatois

Partner | Paris

Pierre Leplatois

Pierre joined the firm as an intern in the Energy, Utilities and Resources practice, while completing his studies at ECP in 2008.

Pierre has cultivated strong expertise in the energy sector, having developed energy balance/management and intermittent production forecasting systems for several European utilities. He has a deep understanding of the regulatory frameworks of European energy markets, and has developed several quantitative and algorithmic approaches to support the energy transition, especially with respect to the integration of renewables.

In 2012, Pierre launched Sia Partners’ first digital lab, the EnergyLab, with the goal of developing proof-of-concepts in the energy sector using data science: energy forecast, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, and so forth. In 2017, he co-launched the Data Science Global Business Unit, and is now leading our Data Science expertise in Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, and London).