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Improving Corporate Client Onboarding

Within CIB, client expectations are changing and regulatory pressure is growing. Client onboarding is in need of digitization and collaboration across departments to ensure efficiency and transparency throughout the process.

Investment Banks are facing 4 main challenges with their Client onboarding processes

Client Onboarding can be challenging to improve as it typically spans multiple divisions and includes regional requirements. These are some of the top challenges impacting onboarding processes today:

  • Regulatory Requirements: the compilation of regulatory requirements has led to large data requests from clients, which is particularly challenging to refresh regularly.
  • Cost to Operate and Operational Risk Management: growing pressure on the cost to operate and operational risk management as banks work to create efficient and effective operations in a dynamic world.
  • Client Expectations: client needs and expectations are moving towards a rapid and simple process that requires coordinated responses and efficient processing.
  • Technology Improvements: New technologies are being developed that are challenging internal IT architecture; these technologies can be difficult for banks to implement due to integrated systems and privacy constraints. 

Sia Partners recommends the following solutions and can customize them to your needs and internal technology architecture

Deliver better support and servicing 

  • Build a platform enabling the collection of client information digitally with an e-signature
    • Mobile apps, web-based portals, e-signing, and video tools make it easier for banks to collect KYC -  relevant information from customers.

Promote products and services 

  • Unlock synergies with e-banking
    • During the onboarding stage, the client is introduced to the bank’s digital environment and e-services – One stop shop - resulting in easier cross-selling and enablement (online payment and instruction, …).

Secure regulatory compliance 

  • Simplify and harmonize client journey accounting for local requirements
    • Digitization helps banks move from siloed national onboarding, process, and documentation to a unified offer for their client, in particular for international clients, who often face all bank locations at once.

Lower operational costs

  • Automate and integrate KYC workflow tools
    • Boost efficiency and shorten the time to complete onboarding for clients by providing guidance to users on policies and procedures, and by pooling transaction and product usage reports. Likewise, this can help corporate institutions integrate public registers, external data providers, and KYC utilities into their workflows.


Addressing the challenges of CIB onboarding requires broad knowledge across a variety of topics

Sia Partners has developed experts in a selection of areas to help address these complex needs. Our approach is unique in the following ways:

  • Provide cross-functional teams across Business Transformation, Compliance, and Data Science (experts in AI) to ensure solutions are customized and fully compliant with regulations.
  • Leverage our knowledge of corporate clients across the globe to provide insight into best practices across the industry.
  • Focus on a solution-based approach, including creating AI or alternative ideas that are unique to the client’s needs.


We designed a Target Operating Model that included process improvements, increased integration across regions and departments, enhanced digitization, and technology advancements to improve client and employee experience in onboarding new accounts.

Process Reinvention through design thinking in the digital framework of a new onboarding platform for the Domestic and International Markets. 

Key results:

  • 90% digitalization of onboarding and KYC reviews
  • +40 Net Promoter Score from Clients
  • 30% reduction in onboarding lead times
  • 40% efficiency gains to treat onboarding files

Applying the new global Group TOM for Global Banking in all countries, including a review of Roles & Responsibilities between FO, MO, and KYC (with transfer to the MO of tasks today performed by RM) in order to allow RM to focus more on the client.

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