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How we Help Our Clients Achieve Commercial Excellence

We support clients in improving business performance through an analytical and behavioral approach, with the aim of increasing their sales and guaranteeing the right offer to the right customer, through the best channel, at the best price

Improve commercial performances and sales force productivity. We accelerate a company’s commercial capabilities through 4 pillars: pricing, distribution, services and sales force, in order to optimize and generate more sales.


Redefine priorities and reallocate work time. We optimize the sales force’s work time allocation through high value activities such as selling and client advising in order to offer the best service at the right price.


Recast and optimize existing processes. After a thorough analysis of existing processes and sales tools, we help develop new, more adapted and more efficient tools to support sales operations in the long run. We also help clients leverage data in order to improve commercial performances; our expertise in data science enabled us to develop a solution capable of identifying highly qualified leads, which facilitates the work of sales managers, and increases their conversion rate.


Favor alignment between teams and sales objectives beyond organizational silos. Through the definition of an action plan based on a detailed data analysis, we help measure the commercial performances of teams and prioritize their actions in line with their long term strategy to optimize ROI.


Spread a culture of involvement and continuous improvement. We assist in the implementation of a training plan for teams and evaluate their performance evolution to help identify actions with a high positive impact.