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Since 2005, Sia Partners Ireland (Formerly Pathfinder Consulting) team of experts have been delivering value to clients in Ireland and the UK, supporting them to realise business objectives, and developing their resource capabilities to become more customer centric and increase competitive advantage. Based in Dublin’s Silicon Docks area we serve Irish and Multinational clients to deliver tangible business results and make our clients successful. We are a core part of the Sia Partners global network bringing the capability, strength and experience of global experts and methodologies coupled with a trusted local delivery partner with over 15 years in the market. We work across many industries but have specific depth of experience in Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Technology, Agri business food and Nutrition & Pharma and Life science. We are a highly focused, specialist and pragmatic consultancy, grounded in core capabilities with expertise in technology solutions, expert programme and project execution and strategic thinking. Our unique approach is based on the creation of better listening environments that serve as a foundation for building stronger and more committed teams in your organisation. We work in a way that builds confidence among your team to act and address the challenges of delivering business objectives, ensuring the future sustainability of your organisation.

You know your business, and together we create one high performing team.

In working together, we help you realise a better way. We bring our expertise to the table to show you the impact of wasteful activity, wasteful conversations, and poor co-ordination; all of which when improved have significant impacts on business performance and importantly, the people in it.

What type of work do we typically do?

Simply put, we are in the business of solving business problems and creating positive change and are experts at helping our clients. This could be where either a competitive threat exists that needs to be averted, where a significant opportunity exists to grow the business, or where ongoing performance improvement is required to ensure value is provided to customers and shareholders.

Our services

What we can do for you

Strategic Advisors

Your partner in strategic thinking and technical know-how, our team of senior experts will help you and your organisation analyse, design and mobilise transformative initiatives that save you time, money – and headaches, allowing to you to become competitive in your markets, be more innovative, and delight your customers. We challenge you to think differently, and in doing so, see opportunities and results you didn’t know were possible.

Where could we help you find a better way?

Experts in Transformation & Change

We are in the business of successfully enabling, creating and supporting change programmes, and the organisational transformation that comes with it. From readying your business culture for a change programme, through to process analysis and redesign, continuous improvement programmes and focused Agile and scrum delivery methodologies, we ensure visibility, momentum, results and empowerment.

Where are your business challenges?

Programme Delivery & Assurance

When your programme or project needs structured delivery and rigorous attention to detail, you can trust our team of delivery and assurance experts to deliver on time, and within budget – every time. From large enterprise system migrations, mergers and acquisitions, through to saving your failing project, our methodologies and approach to governance (that won’t bind you in red-tape) will steer your organisation through to benefits realisation and execution mode faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

Where does your organisation need to start delivering?

Data & Analytics

There are many success stories in the field of Data Analytics.

Data, when treated as a real corporate asset, delivers improved business performance and competitive advantage across industries and business functions.

Successful implementation of Data Analytics capability takes more than hiring Data Scientists and procuring the latest software capability. Our multi-disciplinary team of Data Analysts join strategic planning, data engineering, data science and change management skills across multiple technology platforms that enable our customers to deliver tangible business outcomes through data analytics. Let us help you overcome your Data Analytics challenges.

What can I do with my data? 

Problems worth solving

Simply put, we are in the business of solving problems and creating positive change. We commit to delivering the results you want, every time.

Where can we help you?

Our unique approach to creating positive change starts with identifying problems worth solving, through to designing and delivering modern ways to solve them.

Our laser focus and expertise means we address both human and business aspects when understanding these problems. In doing so, we build confidence among your teams, empowering them to act and address the challenges of delivering business objectives, ensuring the future sustainability of your organisation.

The TimeOut promise

We focus on eliminating unnecessary time from critical business processes that are impacted by increasing customer demands. The Sia Partners TimeOut approach reduces processing and elapsed times by up to 90%, significantly improving customer experience while also reducing cost to serve. Let us show you how.

Sia Partners Digital Transformation programme

Digital transformation is not easy. We understand this, and so do many who have tried. The Sia Partners Digital Transformation programme is focused on the collaboration between people, processes and technology for immediate and positive impact on your customers. You can expect an increased throughput of 3x minimum, and typically a 30% freeing up of IT capacity within 12 weeks of beginning work. Let us show you how with the Sia Partners approach


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