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Basé dans le quartier Silicon Docks à Dublin,  nous servons des clients irlandais et multinationaux pour obtenir des résultats commerciaux tangibles et assurer la réussite de nos clients. Nous sommes un élément essentiel du réseau mondial Sia Partners apportant une expertise, une force et une expérience d’experts mondiaux et des méthodologies couplées avec un partenaire local de confiance, présent sur le marché depuis plus de 15 ans. Nous travaillons dans plusieurs secteurs mais nous avons une profonde connaissance des services financiers, des secteurs bancaires, assurances, technologiques, agroalimentaires, nutrition et pharmacie et des sciences de la vie. Nous sommes un cabinet de conseil très ciblé, spécialisé et pragmatique, fondé sur des capacités de base avec une expertise en matière de solutions technologiques, d'exécution de programmes et de projets et de réflexion stratégique. 

Our Capabilities

We expertly navigate our clients through the intricacies of business strategy development, empowering them with the necessary capabilities and interventions to ensure the creation of market-leading strategies

  • Corporate Planning

We steer our clients through the development process of their business strategy, offering challenges in defining their positioning and market ambitions while simultaneously mobilising the management and wider team to achieve them.  

  • Growth Strategy

We empower our clients to seize growth opportunities by leveraging our methodological expertise. Our dedicated teams identify game-changing opportunities, develop high-value offerings, and construct pioneering methodologies to drive innovation. 

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We collaborate with some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking companies across the globe. They seek our growth & innovation services to help them address major systemic challenges in new ways and to disrupt their markets through the launch of breakthrough new propositions and ventures. We leverage our team’s entrepreneurial mindsets & market expertise to help companies across all industries innovate, get ahead of the competition, and unlock new revenue streams by commercialising new ideas, IP, data, and technologies. We cover the full spectrum of innovation from growth strategy, opportunity identification, and proposition development through to go-to-market strategy, new venture launch, and innovation capability build.

  • High Growth Strategies

We assist our clients in identifying strategies to boost their existing growth plans and establish new avenues for high-margin growth.

  • Innovation Capability Build

We work with our clients to embed their own sustainable innovation capability.

  • Technology Commercialisation

We help clients identify latent undervalued data technology opportunities.

  • New Propositions & Ventures

Working from a blank sheet of paper, we identify breakthrough opportunities and support their launch into the market.

  • New Business Models

We support our clients in driving business efficiencies and exploring new profitable business models to unlock investment for wider growth aspirations.

  • Partnership Ecosystems

We support our clients in addressing industry-wide or systemic challenges.

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We support clients in their business and digital transformations ensuring we improve their competitive advantage, people engagement and employee satisfaction during the process. We approach business and digital transformation by considering every touch point of the business, which is affected, and how it must be strategically supported. We do this through our array of Business & Digital Transformation services, which include:

  • Decision Support

We work with businesses to increase organisational value by identifying, analysing and prioritising opportunities. From this, we can create detailed strategic plans which act as a clear guide for an organisation during its transformation.

  •  Operating Model

We work with various types of organisations to design and implement operating models consistent with their strategic goals.

  • Organisation Design

We collaborate with organisations to ensure that they have the right capabilities, roles, and sizes to deliver their strategy and meet their performance targets.

  • Partner Eco System

We work with clients to solve high-value issues by establishing communities of partners. These communities are aligned on the organisational goals and objectives and as a result, deliver better outcomes to shared problems by working together.

  • Process Design

We provide the detailed insight that is required to design and implement processes that are both efficient and cost-effective. We also work with clients to address risks and improve operational performance.

  • Change Management 

We support businesses to navigate complex transformations and provide expert guidance in changing the ways of working and mindsets to realise promised benefits.

  • Transformation Delivery

We help clients to achieve desired business outcomes, delivered with an emphasis on time and quality. Our experts help optimise people skills and capabilities to design a cost-effective approach aligned with your strategy and operating model.

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With the expertise of Sia Partners' six global data labs and 300 data scientists, we support businesses on the entire data value chain, from strategy development to the industrialisation of their projects. To foster expertise and create industry-leading solutions, we have six dedicated labs focused across major areas of Data Science. Our six labs are Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Time Series, Data Quality, Operational Research and Data Marketing.

  • Data & Strategy Governance

We work with CDOs to make the Data Office a profit centre aligned with the commercial strategy by anticipating changes in business models and capacities.

  • Data Science & AI

We identify and address our client's challenges by deploying our Data Science experts (Data Scientists, Data Architects, and DevOps Engineers) on data accelerators.

  • Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence

The tools and methods of Data Visualisation and agile Business Intelligence make it possible to revolutionise and democratise data use by deploying data projects with clients.

  • Data Technologies and Industrialisation

Our Heka industrial platform automates the configuration of the development and production environment and the deployment process, allowing Data teams to deploy, execute and scale their models in production.

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We believe that Operational Excellence is the ability to execute a business strategy consistently and more efficiently than the competition. This results in higher revenue and lower operational risk and operating expenses. 

  • Reduce Customer Lead Time 

Our ‘Take Time Out’ offer can take up to 90% of critical processing time out of business processes, increasing service response times and ultimately reducing the customer lead time for processes and services.

  • Capacity Optimisation

We improve our client's throughput and capacity to satisfy customer demands. We redesign the operating model by segmenting customer demand and aligning services to match resources. This offer can increase capacity by 30-40% without increasing costs. 

  • Efficiency Maximisation

We help clients improve the efficiency of their workforce by up to 20% without the need for additional resources by creating a baseline of true process success measures (aligned to objectives) and building a continuous improvement function to address the root causes of inefficiency.

  • Take Cost Out

The purpose of the ‘Take Cost Out’ offer is to deliver significant improvements in cost reductions. We reduce OPEX costs by up to 30% by eliminating either activities that do not provide value or sources of preventable waste using automation and process redesign.

  • Reduce Quality Issues

We can reduce the effort required to perform quality assurance by up to 75%. We diagnose the root causes of quality issues and then redesign processes to stop quality errors from being created at the source, rather than accepting that errors will occur and correcting them afterwards.

  • Increase Margin

We analyse where customers' needs are misaligned with the product/service they receive and the price they pay for it. We design and implement interventions to ensure there is clarity, transparency and a sustainable solution in place to maximise future margins.

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SiaXperience's ambition is to develop connectivity between brands and consumers, using best practice development in user experience, creativity and design. Our offer is structured around Digital Marketing, Collaborative Design and Growth Strategy. The key capability we support businesses in are product positioning for growth, brand and UX/UI,  website and database development and website optimisation for conversion and performance.

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Our Sectors: Banking 

We have a range of tailored services to help your organisation deal with increased regulatory constraints and competition within the Banking sector. We help our clients optimise their offers, and improve their competitive advantages and profitability. 


Our Sectors: Insurance

We have a number of services ready to help our insurance clients adapt their value chains to regulatory requirements, competition, and the opportunities offered by new technologies.


Our Sectors: Agri-food

We have a range of tailored services to help agriculture and food services businesses. These range from strategy execution to sustainability programs, optimisation of business processes to new proposition development. We have capabilities in innovation, and process manufacturing, and have worked with businesses to develop new revenue streams in new markets.

life sciences

Our Sectors: Life Sciences

We support life science, healthcare and nutrition businesses with a wide spectrum of services and solutions. We provide a breadth of project and program management, along with strategy, product commercialisation and business model optimisation.  We also have a team of specialist life science consultants through Latham BioPharma. Our life science experts use our tools, accelerators, models, and templates to identify market opportunities, technology and efficiencies to enhance their delivery capability to outperform the market. We support our client's growth through acquisition, integration, partnering and organic growth.


Our Sectors: Transport

With a greater emphasis on driving down carbon impact in transport, there is a significant change in modes of travel. We help our transport clients manage significant investment in this area, including planning the shift to electrification and hydrogen-based transport, as well as programme management of significant transport initiatives at a national level. For industrial transport clients, understanding the carbon footprint and minimising it is increasingly important, and our operational management and data science experience helps our clients transform their logistics solutions to operate more efficiently and at a lower overall cost, including carbon cost.


Our Sectors: Energy & Utilities

We work with electricity, gas, and water utilities to improve operational performance and customer service, develop regulatory strategies to maximise revenue, provide technical solutions for smart grids and water monitoring, and offer a range of services focussing on ESG, such as EV charging strategies, carbon management and vulnerable customer mapping solutions. 


Our Sectors: Technology

We are experts in delivering mission-critical projects for businesses operating in the tech sector. From our work with the largest blue chip clients, we understand the needs of these businesses operating in an ever-changing environment. We offer an array of services to help support the execution of quick turnaround projects. We have capabilities in regulatory compliance, project management, operational excellence, data science and AI and digital and product marketing. We can support your business through all stages of growth.


Our Sectors: Public

Rapid changes in national and supra-national legislation continue to drive significant differences in the public sector. We are experts at helping our clients in the public sector to translate new Policies into Action. Turning public policy into practical implementation has complex stakeholder networks to coordinate, rigorous governance standards, and a strong emphasis on ensuring value for money.  It also strongly emphasises keeping the end citizen and their citizen experience journey at the forefront. With an independent approach, cross-discipline expertise, and an international perspective, we can also help our public sector clients refine policy based on lessons learned from implementation.   


Our Sectors: Retail

We help our clients (large retail, luxury, specialised retail) deal with significant transformations in each sector and develop a competitive advantage. In an ever-changing retail landscape, we help our clients identify opportunities to evolve as customer demands, expectations and priorities continuously change. We work across the retail value chain, from optimising supply chains and central functions to developing unique customer experience strategies (omnichannel and in-store), innovation and sustainability.

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