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Customer Activation

We help our clients define a data-driven marketing strategy in order to acquire, convert, and retain customers. To do so, we rely on the best digital marketing practices and identify the most relevant use cases for their objectives and digital maturity.


  • Improve acquisition, activation, satisfaction, and retention. We implement data-driven marketing to better understand the behavior of our clients’ prospects and customers, and deliver targeted, personalized, multi-channel marketing campaigns. This enhanced targeting drives acquisition, activation, and customer satisfaction, maximizing revenue and minimizing churn rates.
  • Develop consistency and quality of interactions with our clients’ customers. We adopt an omnichannel, personalized approach to create fluid and relevant customer experiences, adapted to their company’s goals and strategy.
  • Develop the digital and data maturity for companies. Thanks to our data science expertise, we help companies develop and leverage their data and analytic skills, to collect and analyze the data needed to understand customer behavior and satisfaction, implement targeted marketing campaigns, and track results.

Use cases

Our approach begins by defining CLV within the context of our client's group, tailored to meet their specific needs and objectives. We meticulously analyze the historical CLV of past customers, drawing insights from their past interactions and transactions to inform future strategies. Furthermore, we explore and benchmark various methods to estimate future CLVs, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of our projections. By estimating the future CLV of active clients, we provide invaluable insights into their potential long-term value, enabling tailored offerings and services. Through promoting the added value of CLV within the client's organization, we aim to cultivate a culture centered around customer-centricity and data-driven decision-making, ultimately driving success and innovation across all business areas.

Our comprehensive approach began with estimating the size of the market (in 2 asian countries), focusing on local residents who consume personal luxury goods. Through meticulous research and analysis, we identified key opportunities to expand our client's local client base. This included profiling key client segments, estimating population sizes, and assessing the dollar value of potential markets, all while staying abreast of current market trends. Additionally, we delved deep into understanding the motivations and barriers of our target client profiles, enabling us to develop actionable strategies to engage with priority clientele effectively. By providing these insights and actionable ideas, we empower our client to navigate the dynamic landscape of the luxury market and unlock new avenues for growth and success.

We drove a project centered around enhancing customer experience through personalized journeys. We focused on the development of robust customer knowledge, empowering us to tailor every interaction based on unique customer profiles and product affinities. Through the implementation of a predictive program, coupled with rigorous performance measurement, we ensured that every engagement was not only personalized but also optimized for effectiveness. Furthermore, we provided comprehensive support and training to all stakeholders, including sales, market, and marketing teams, on leveraging the insights and tools generated by the program. By prioritizing future customer-centric initiatives based on value, feasibility, and costs, we set the stage for continued innovation and success, reaffirming our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences that resonate with all customers.