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Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Sia Partners offers public stakeholders specialized support and insight into best practices and initiatives in the public and private sector, with a view to defining a digital strategy and implementing digital transformation programmes.

Data Science's opportunities for the public sector

Data Science presents an opportunity for the public sector to reinvent traditional ways of working. Data science can be used to:
● Optimise processes and automate tasks with little added value;
● Inform decision making using “augmented” analysis;
● Anticipate / “predict” user behaviour;
● Create new


IT Project Management Support

Sia Partners offers a comprehensive service from managing digital projects and programs (designing tools for tracking and reporting, risk management) to management consulting support (identifying needs, specifications, prioritizing requirements, takings, driving change).


Evaluating the State’s Major IT Projects

Sia Partners regularly works alongside the Interministerial Digital Coordination Directorate (DINUM) to assess state IT projects using a rapid analysis, which provides the insights needed to make decisions and recommendations, and advise on the strategic reorientation of a project.


Implementing a Digital Strategy

The digital revolution represents a profound shift that should be embraced. Digital technology drives change in organizations, processes, performance, service offerings and improving the “customer” relationship.