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How to Industrialize Customer Satisfaction and Customer Voice

We help our clients industrialize the process of measuring customer satisfaction, as well as helping them identify and implement the resulting corrective actions, by deploying a data collection, enrichment, and interpretation strategy.

Have an exhaustive view of the customer and respond in a timely and systematic manner on all touch points. We collect customer satisfaction data through various channels using tried and tested methodologies and tools to obtain a 360° view of the interactions between the customer and the company. This growing flow of information is then analyzed in real time to provide a timely response to each customer, thereby increasing customer loyalty and limiting a costly churn.

Adopt a comprehensive strategy to automate the collection and interpretation of data. By helping companies develop their ability to collect feedback and key information, we enable them to identify the factors that impact the customer journey. They can then define a strategy to leverage customer feedback and improve the customer experience. We also calculate the link between Customer Experience and the value generated for the company, in order to estimate the real gains created by these corrective actions.

• Move from a reactive to a predictive view of customer satisfaction. We offer our clients dedicated Analytics and AI tools that help to anticipate customer satisfaction. This data-centric model helps companies to develop an unbiased, statistical approach, and to make business case assumptions in a transparent way. Among other tools, we own an AI solution which analyses online customer reviews and customer reviews collected from internal surveys, to understand levels of client satisfaction. Our bot is available to all of our clients but is better suited for companies who own a physical distribution network (points of sale, agencies…), as it gives a satisfaction score to each point of sale or customer touch point. Our clients can therefore analyze customer satisfaction across their brand and network, and compare it to their competitiors.

Success Stories

In the context of open competition in the electricity market, customer loyalty and satisfaction are fundamental levers for a sustainable activity. They are the subject of renewed interest. Sia Partners contributed to the optimization of customer satisfaction management, and the customers’ voice, by implementing a system of collecting and processing unanticipated customer returns. We supported the company in processing end-to-end customer cases, redesigning their platform and creating a business model for their telephone advisors. This project allowed them to contact around 500 unsatisfied clients per day. 

To respond to a drop in NPS, we supported a railway company in steering and managing their customer satisfaction. To do this, we framed makeshift processes and ensured an optimized coordination between existing processes, aiming to collect and exploit all listening sources of customer feedback. We also onboarded employees and raised awareness around customer satisfaction topics, by implementing operating processes and a communication program around key indicators, in order to encourage team-wide adoption.

Scottish Water recognised they needed a more efficient and responsive service to improve the Developer and Building Community offering. Engaging us to achieve this, Scottish Water developed and implemented a new, comprehensive Customer Engagement Model.

After only 6 weeks, Scottish Water experienced a dramatic reduction in complaints and an improvement in developer customers’ satisfaction; with a reduction in application approvals processing time from 115 days to just 8 days.