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How to Enable Insight Generation and Real-Time Decisions

We help construct tailor-made and predictive offers in the light of more relevant insights. We take an agile and data-driven approach in order to generate insights that are verifiable and that deal both with market and customers.

Develop in-depth knowledge of customers. We help companies collect a large amount of data from various external sources in order to create relevant insights that will enable a sharp and complete knowledge of the customer, and a segmentation built on clients’ needs. In order to properly exploit customer data, we help organizations improve the quality of this data by deploying AI solutions which automatically clean CRM databases.


Set up an agile approach with real-time decision making. We help to set up the tools required to generate actionable insights, allowing companies to define, test and adjust their marketing plans in real time, according to the principles of Design Thinking.


Develop marketing strategies based on insights. By adopting a data-driven approach and relying on qualitative, diverse insights, marketing functions will be able to define a more effective strategy that perfectly meets the needs of their customers.

Thanks to our data science expertise, we've developed AI solutions capable of collecting customer data and transforming them into insights, which are directly actionable by our client marketing & sales teams. Among other tools, we have developed a bot capable of analyzing customer satisfaction with physical distribution networks thanks to online customer reviews. We also own a bot which assesses the opinion of experts & consumers on PGC goods, and builds a reputational score for each of these products. Finally we have designed a solution which predicts the moves of corporations within the next 12 to 24 months, generating highly qualified leads to certain sectors.

A team of 50 data scientists develop predictive models, innovative data processing tools, and customer and market data analyses capabilities


Our Work With a Leader in Consumer Goods

Find out how we helped a leading consumer goods company to optimize their promotional strategy.

As part of the global deployment of a tool to measure the return on investment of promotional events, Sia Partners intervened to secure the adoption of this tool within the customer’s sales teams. In the end, the objective being to enable local teams to improve their promotional efficiency, we built a Change Management action plan that can be operated within subsidiaries. This facilitates management of the tool and an increase in skills within the local business teams. For example, we explained and presented key performance indicators and analyses which would measure promotional performance from several angles (global, customer, brand).