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Category Management

Each market is specifically impacted by new players, customer promises or business models. Usage, deglobalisation and risk control are the markers of this. With no taboos and with a solid categorical expertise, we deploy purchasing responses to the competitive challenges of the future.

External resources management

The management of external resources is a key stake: capturing the best profiles and better managing the associated expenditure. Sia Partners has a strong expertise in both organisations and processes to be implemented (ie MSP, RPO) as well as the associated tools (ie VMS, Marketplace).


IT Sourcing

Sia Partners helps CIOs reinvent their delivery model. We aim to ensure the best possible match between resources and projects that create competitiveness. Digital opportunities allow for innovation and to improve service quality with reducing costs and development cycle times.


Real Estate Procurement

The Real Estate value chain is structurally fragmented around siloed and constrained technical solutions. That being said, the industry is evolving rather quickly towards energy savings or enhanced services. We support our clients in adapting their operations thanks to our expertise.