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Sia Cyber Institute

As an approved training organization, Sia Cyber Institute delivers a range of training courses and services guaranteed to increase your skills on cybersecurity and resilience issues. We are committed sharing our operational know-how based on field experiences.

Sia Cyber e-learning platform

Sia Partners has developed a tool to enable the implementation of your Cybersecurity and Resilience awareness and training plan of your employees. Deployed in SaaS mode, our innovative solution will allow you to design, deploy and measure the quality of the learning actions undertaken.


Sia Cyber Endgame

This innovative service of Serious Game allows you to train your organisation’s executives to deal with crisis situations cybersecurity. Moreover, integrating collective intelligence, this approach can also be used for team building purposes .


Sia CyberLab

The Sia CyberLab is an R&D and Test laboratory set up by Sia Partners to promote the monitoring of threats and tools in order to anticipate the emergence of innovative solutions to use or present to our customers. This Lab allows the creation of new Cyber defense tools.


Cyber Education

To enhance the understanding of cybersecurity issues to the greatest number, Sia Partners has developed the Cyber Education initiative in collaboration with higher education establishments. This program allows the implementation of actions facilitating everyone's understanding of Cyber concepts.


Cyber Awareness

Educating employees about cyber and data protection is a must within organisations.
Sia Partners has implemented an educational and innovative approach to raise awareness among your employees, allowing the best return on investment for your structure.


Coaching for CISO, BCM, CM and DPO

Our coaching offer provides training thus making it possible to respond to all of the issues encountered when newly appointed or for the success of new professional challenges.
It involves course alternating introspection phases and practical application through business cases or feedbacks.


Cross-disciplinary Training

Our trainings in cybersecurity are tailor-made with regard to your sector of activity, your business ecosystem and your business functions, thus making it possible to meet the operational and educational objectives of each target through progressive learning.


Training for individual certification

Professional certifications in Information Systems security have become highly recommended to effectively ensure skill development for professionals in the Cyber sector. Sia Partners offers you a full range of training to help you develop your skills and obtain certification.