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Organizational Development

Sia Partners’ uses proven expertise to accompany public stakeholders throughout all elements of their evolution; from assessing the current situation to implementing changes. To this end, we offer tools and robust, adaptable methods which make for a bespoke approach.

Moving and Setting Up New Offices

Moving offices (or making major changes to a place of work) can be a way to speed up transformation by introducing new ways of working (collaborative tools, flexible working, open spaces, working from home etc).


The Role of Head Office in Relation to the Group

Carrying out a detailed study allows Sia Partners to aid public actors in determining the current role of their head office (activity lead, architect, inspector, service provider).


Re-engineering Operational Performance and Processes

Processes form the basis of any collective operation. Analyzing and defining them allows a company to review the roles and responsibilities of the entire value chain.


Realizing a Transformation Plan and Driving Change

In order to achieve a successful transformation plan, Sia Partners has developed a comprehensive offer to support the implementation process (roadmaps, growth and evolution), and offers innovative technical tools which encourage employee engagement.


Analyzing and Defining a Transformation Plan

Building on our wealth of experience and expertise in the public sector, Sia Partners has developed a robust, methodical approach to evaluating a company and all of its organizational components (processes, management, quality of work life, quality of service, resources etc).