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Sanction Challenger

Automate the research on sanctions lists

What is it ?

Companies are expected to perform search of individuals on several sanctions lists, for different purpose (e.g., Customer Due Diligence, KYC, Sanctions Screening).

This bot integrates different sanctions lists (Europe, USA, United Nations) and index them in order to be able to query those lists with a search engine and automate this process with the possibility to perform a batch processing.

Additionally, this tool can be used to challenge results of another tool that performs research on sanctions list by comparing the results and generating a list of names whose match must be verified in order to assess the efficiency of the standard tool.


Fuzzy Name Searching on Sanctions Lists

The BOT automatically fetches every hour the latest US Screening Consolidated Lists (e.g., OFAC, BIS, other), European List, and UN list, and uploads the lists in a DataBase designed to perform efficient search.

Once the user makes a query, a search is performed on names and aliases, using different algorithms: strict match, Fuzzy/Levenshtein (distance-based), Metaphone, SoundEx (Sound-based), and Porter (stemming).

The bot is also capable to generate a list of names that should be detected (or not) by the official screening tool of the bank.



If you wish to learn more about Sanction Challenger, use the link bellow to access a demo :

Sanction Challenger is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

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