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Mining Strategy & Growth

We help mining and mining services organisations find and realise their growth potential.

We have a strong record of assisting mining clients in formulating and executing strategy, from setting intent and clear goals to identifying​ growth options in the mining and resources sector.

​Through a structured approach, we work with our clients to address and resolve critical questions about who they are, where they play, how they create additional value, and how they can gain a competitive advantage. This enables mining companies to develop a clear approach to how they can create and capture excess shareholder value. 

Our 360-degree approach ensures all stakeholder groups are considered and engaged in the process, creating alignment and buy-in to the strategic intent and objectives - a key ingredient to strategy success.

Our track record in the mining & resources industry means we understand the complexities of the mining sector, and understand your business, from the Boardroom through to mine-site operations, enabling deeper, more pragmatic conversations and solutions. 


Strategic Growth Plans

From setting the purpose and aspirations for organisations to evaluating market entry strategies and other growth options, we have a strong record of assisting mining clients to formulate and execute strategies to remain competitive in a challenging market.​

Sustainability Strategy

ESG and sustainability are at the forefront of mining & resource company agendas. Our proven approach to strategy development ensures that sustainability elements are included in all parts of strategic considerations, not as a bolt-on. We also support organisations that need a separate, clearly articulated sustainability strategy to demonstrate transparency and progress.

Post Merger Integration

Assisting organisations in managing the integration process following a transaction, we bolster the internal team with deep capability, robust tools and a proven methodology to ensure the desired outcomes of the transaction are achieved. 

Exploration Prioritisation

We have a strategic management tool – Profiler - to asset mining organisations review and prioritise their exploration portfolio.  


Strategy Execution

Supporting organisations in transparency, monitoring, and reporting on their strategy execution progress using Harvest our customizable, cloud-based strategy execution tool. This enables clear accountabilities and alignment on activities and milestones.


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