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Profiler - A Cloud-Based Technology Platform

Profiler is a cloud-based technology platform that streamlines the management of resource companies exploration portfolio.

Product Overview: Profiler

Developed in collaboration with a leading Australian miner, this tool enables mining organisations to track, manage, and compare their pipeline of exploration and development opportunities and make data-driven decisions. At the core of Profiler is a powerful multi-level evaluation model that enables users to score, rank, and prioritise their exploration targets. These scores can be work flowed through the organisation for peer or management review and to guide ongoing strategic decision-making on the portfolio.

Our Offer

Exploration success remains a key for miners to drive sustainable  growth. However, having objective financial and technical analysis for decision-making can be difficult. Often the process is led by technical specialists who are looking to justify ongoing exploration projects. Aligning that expertise with the C-suite can be challenging.

Benefits of Choosing Profiler

  • Structured hierarchy – drill down from the company, business unit, region, or area down to the opportunity level. 
  • Track, measure, and monitor progress and costs
  • Single source of data-driven insights
  • Integration capability with REST based APIs and third-party visualisation software like PowerBI or Tableau
  • Flexible reporting from tables, charts, and dashboards to presentations.
  • Seamless workflow capabilities from opportunity input to approval
  • Segregate user access to every level within the hierarchy
  • Security of confidential data with AES-256 and TLS 1.2 encryption


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