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How We Implement Sales Strategies and Tactics

We support you in the definition of the best value-generating commercial strategy through a diagnosis of the existing strategy, a comparison to the reality of the market and best practices, with a view to position the client portfolio and commercial capacities.

• Identify growth levers. We analyze the company's current performance and carry out a benchmark to understand the market context and identify best practices. We are thus able to assist our clients in defining their commercial ambitions, identifying and prioritizing relevant growth levers.


• Define the roles and responsibilities of each player. We detail the tasks of each actor within the sales process in order to ensure a coherent commercial strategy. We also intervene in the definition of compensation plans according to individual responsibilities to ensure the achievement of objectives.


• Adopt the "zero based budgeting" method. We enable companies to plan sales more accurately using the "zero based budgeting" method, which consists, when budgeting, of justifying and validating each expense according to its contribution to the company's objectives. Companies are then able to rationalize their activities and expenses and maximize the ROI of their sales budget.

Our Work in the Consumer Products Sector

Find out how we helped a leading consumer product company manage a Data Science project for their sales forces.

While the Data Science teams of this consumer product leader had developed a platform allowing innovative use cases to automate recurring and time-consuming activities of their sales forces, the deployment of this platform within the various international subsidiaries did not succeed. Sia Partners helped out in order to improve the management of these Data Science projects, starting with diagnosing the existing processes, identifying the projects to be pursued in order to highlight the business benefits of the platform, and convincing and supporting subsidiaries in its use. In collaboration with local IT and Business teams, we were able to monitor the results of the deployment of this platform through KPIs.