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How to Automate Customer Interactions

We help you manage and implement processes and tools which automate customer service. Investing in technologies like RPA or a chatbot can drastically improve the service quality while significantly reducing costs.

• Improve and customize customer experience. To meet customers’ high expectations and unpredictable nature, customer service must offer a fluid, omnichannel experience. By helping companies to digitalize their customer relationship and automate their interactions, we allow them to enrich their customer experience. Artificial intelligence has become the key differentiation lever to better exploit customer data for a more customized experience. Thus, the customer can benefit from a real-time, personalized service which is also fast, high-value and contextualized, according to their interaction history.


• Simplify and streamline customer journeys. By exploiting customer data more efficiently thanks to AI opportunities, we support companies in switching from a static process, only focused on customer, to a dynamic process focused on customer context. This helps to better contextualize customer journeys and helps them evolve according to a real customer lifecycle, no matter the interaction channel chosen by the customer.


• Rationalize processes. Automation of repetitive and low-value tasks improves operational efficiency. Thus, companies can optimize and rationalize their processes to reduce the burden on agents and free up time for them to deal with higher value-added tasks such as customer loyalty or customer retention.


• Reduce costs and better assist agents. By reducing unnecessary interactions and the average processing time, customer relationship automation tools allow companies to reduce customer service costs. Virtual assistance technologies, based on AI, optimize agent performance while enhancing high value interactions. This fosters augmented agent capabilities allowing a better understanding of customer needs according to the current stage of their lifecycle and instantly during the call.

We worked with an insurance leader to automate their customer interactions which has reduced the volume of incoming calls by almost a third.


Our Work With an Insurance Leader

Find out how we supported an insurance leader in framing an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephony program.

Sia Partners cllaborated with the Sales and Customer Relations Departments within the Hypervision team in order to frame the target outcomes of the IVR telephony program. To do this, we lead the request for proposals for the implementation of natural language and framed the custom management voice, callback, and voice cookie projects. We also supported different business divisions in the development of future career paths and organized ideation workshops with multidisciplinary teams.