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Face Recognition bot

Detect and recognize faces from reference images

What is facial recognition bot ?

This effective AI-powered tool compares the data saved on its database with the analyzed face to determine who it is. In addition to AI, facial recognition technology combines 3D mapping, biometric techniques, and deep learning. Combining these four technologies is necessary to analyze and compare a person's face to identify it. The boom in GPUs (Graphical Processing Units), Big Data, and neural networks enormously boost the developments in authentication systems.

Today the visual recognition algorithm is considered one of the most effective and efficient for identifying individuals. This market has experienced substantial growth in recent years. She most certainly retains in 2022.

How does the facial recognition bot system work ?

The first step is to locate an individual's face in a photo or video to convert its different information and characteristics into data. The second phase compares the data with the faces exposed in a database.

The facial recognition device works like this:

  • Creation of a reference database containing personality photos to be recognized, also present on the global media library photos
  • Use "deep learning" models to detect faces on the analyzed photos.
  • Use "deep learning" models to associate each detected face with the individuals existing in the reference database.
  • A summary of the most relevant detected faces appears on the bot dashboard, collected from the internet.

Facial recognition software analyzes about 80 facial features, known in jargon as nodal points. It can be the length or thickness of the nose, the distance between the eyes, the shape of the cheeks, the width of the jaw, etc.

These elements, which are very different depending on the person, make facial recognition more precise. They are measured to create a digital code called “faceprint,” which allows listing the face in the database).

Where are facial recognition apps used ?

Today, these applications are crucial in areas such as security and surveillance (in airports, in the streets of certain cities, inside banks, etc.) and tourism and, more generally, marketing. Another example of the use of facial recognition is smartphones. To unlock the keypads, users present their faces to the front camera. Social networks, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook

Face Recognition bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

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