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ESG Enablers

ESG-related issues and products are gaining significant momentum. Alongside all regulatory requests and voluntary commitments, the emergence of ESG criteria represents real business opportunities for the finance industry, while having real positive impact on our societies.

Our offer

Sia Partners is helping its client in achieving their transformations to face extra-financial challenges ahead. We do so by supporting the development of products and offering that will suit tomorrow’s world.
Alongside consulting capabilities, Sia Partners supports its clients thanks to several enablers helping them on the Society pathway to a global net zero CO2 Emissions.

Such enablers include:

  • The Finance and Innovation For Good contest, allowing Sia Partners to help the GreenTech of tomorrow emerge, especially in the domain of Finance,
  • Partnerships with several promising start-ups which will contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions. Such start-ups include the like of Greenly, allowing customers to have a comprehensive and yet simple methodology to calculate their Carbon footprint,
  • Climate and weather forecast data, that can be useful to many industries, such as insurance, to face climate changes and understand its impacts

- Development of the rate review process
- Implementation of operational procedures
- Validation of legal documentation
- Management of IT evolutions

T1 French Bank

- Definition of the organizational governance and management
- Development of the brand strategy
- Development of a coherent banking offer for environmental transition with the targeting of local savings to support local projects
- Definition of KPIs to be monitored over time
- Benchmark of market practices

T1 European Banking