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Sia Partners & Greenly for banks

Greenly and Sia Partners join forces to accelerate the ecological transition with banks

Sia Partners & Greenly join forces to help banks broaden their offer and accelerate the ecological transition of their clients, both individuals and corporates. There are many reasons to do so: evolving customer expectations, regulations that encourage these initiatives, the need for collective awareness and the need for banks to expand their range of products and services... Financial institutions, aware of the societal role they can play, are ready to invest and launch innovative services and thus meet the new expectations of customers who wish to act more responsibly and quantify their efforts, as in the case of the projects recently launched by BNP Paribas, Pix Pay or Only One.

The offer proposed by Greenly and Sia Partners provides an effective response to multiple use cases:

Enabling individual customers to benefit from a service that tracks their carbon footprint:

Greenly's carbon footprint calculator allows customers to see the impact of their consumption in their banking application, thanks to its transactional history. This solution, which is already available in some French banks, is a response to real customer expectations, particularly among young people.  26% of 18-34 year olds individuals would like their bank to offer them a carbon footprint calculator (Happydemics study for Sia Partners - January 2021).

The association with Greenly on this subject allows us to fully address this issue from a strategic framing and digital implementation perspective, allowing each bank to stand out on this topic and offer its customers a differentiating added value.

Expanding the service offering to corporates helping them respond to new challenges and regulations

Companies are increasingly looking for solutions that enable them to calculate and improve their carbon footprint. With this in mind, Greenly offers small and medium-sized businesses the possibility of establishing carbon footprint assessments in record time. Greenly has also launched an offer for banks, enabling them to provide their corporate customers with carbon audits.

Regulations are also evolving to encourage these initiatives. SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) appears to be a big concern at the moment and this for the years to come: reporting evolution, important regulatory obligations, already established and the growing interest of funds in the SRI allocation of their investments. Through a detailed analysis of the regulations and a pooling of the constraints of financial market players in order to validate the appropriate solution and deployment strategy, the Greenly and Sia Partners teams are embarking on the adventure of setting up THE solution that will meet the needs of financial institutions.

Moreover, Greenly and Sia Partners can target also address asset managers by offering a carbon footprint analysis solution that allows companies in their portfolios to monitor their footprint to the companies in their portfolios and be able to monitor the footprint of their entire portfolio - in line with the regulatory requirements and the investor and fund profiles offered to all their clients.


Greenly and Sia Partners are therefore joining forces to accelerate the ecological transition with banks by offering services and a multitude of services and possible use cases. Banks are an essential lever for democratising the use of these solutions which meet an undeniable environmental need. This solution allows us to go beyond "Greenwashing" initiatives by providing banks with a turnkey solution that is efficient and allows them to expand the services offered in a "Beyond Banking" logic. Greenly and Sia Partners strongly believe in this are convinced of the solution, which will accelerate the transition already underway and which will also become a regulatory obligation for all players in the future.