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Electric Vehicles Charging Impact bot

Electric Vehicles Charging Impact bot

Assess the impact of electric vehicles 

Many analysts predict the growth of electric vehicles, notably as a solution to reduce CO2 emissions. But many decision makers wonder : what will the impact of electric vehicles (EV) be on the grid ?

How does it work – Measuring the impact of incentives on the consumption load curve 

This bot is a tool to measure the impact of incentives on the consumption load curve (at the level of a distribution substation). For example, we can change the number of vehicles and the hours of charging in order to minimize the total power going through the substation.


The French Ministry of Interior has made available the database of road accidents as open data. This database contains all accidents identified by the authorities and their characteristics.

Sia Partners has utilized this data in order to feed the bot. The app visualizes the associated accidents for a specific given journey and to measure its risk.


Bot applications :

  • Traditional pricing: new input to the existing model to improve its performance
  • Price customization: use the most frequent ride (from home to work) to increase price segmentation
  • Pay how you drive: synergize this score with telematics whose price depends on real-time driving data


If you wish to learn more about our Electric Vehicles Charging Impact bot, use the link below to access a demo :

Electric Vehicles Charging Impact bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

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