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Data quality management

We implement rigorous processes and tools that ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data, driving informed decision-making within the organization.


Our approach to Data Quality Management involves a comprehensive framework encompassing data profiling and assessment to understand current data quality levels, the development of standards and policies for data governance and stewardship, and the implementation of robust processes for data cleansing, standardization, and monitoring. We utilize automated tools and algorithms to identify and rectify errors, duplicates, and outliers, while also conducting root cause analysis to address underlying factors contributing to data quality issues. Regular reporting and dashboards provide insights into data quality trends, and training programs foster a culture of data excellence within the organization. Through continuous improvement and optimization efforts, we ensure that data quality remains high, driving informed decision-making and maximizing the value derived from data assets.


Use cases

In the scope of a large-scale CRM centralization project within Salesforce, we executed a comprehensive data quality improvement campaign from start to finish. Leveraging AI, we automated the deduplication process, effectively handling duplicates originating from various migrations. This strategy, coupled with human verification, resulted in deduplicating over 70k accounts. Subsequently, we implemented automation for duplicate removal directly within the CRM.

Utilizing freely accessible data, we employed duplicate detection techniques to identify service points linked with specific addresses. Through a dual approach integrating learning methods and decision trees, we achieved a remarkable increase from 33% to 95% accuracy in client matching.

We facilitated a global data quality project, and provided comprehensive support tailored to meet the diverse needs of this client. This included conducting thorough data audits to identify discrepancies and areas for improvement, followed by diagnostic assessments to pinpoint the root causes of data quality issues. Through meticulous remediation efforts, we worked hand in hand with our clients to address these issues and elevate the overall quality of their data assets. Our services aimed to guide the client towards a future where data drives every decision.

By ensuring the integrity and accuracy of their data, we empower businesses to extract maximum value from their data assets and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.