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Circular Economy Lab

Sia Partners' Circular Economy experts help ambitious companies drive growth whilst decreasing their ecological footprint. We help clients to develop and execute their circular growth strategies through Circular Transformation, launching Circular Ventures, and building Circular Ecosystems.


Welcome to the Era of Circular Transformation

It's no secret that the last decade centred on Digital Transformation. In response to advances in technology, we saw companies across the globe reshaping every aspect of their businesses to deliver on new customer expectations and drive lasting efficiencies. We saw early adopters flourish, and the late majority struggle to keep up. We saw business, as we knew it, completely transform.

At Sia Partners we believe the next ten years will centre on Circular Transformation. Global climate challenges we will see companies across the globe radically circularise their businesses to meet new customer expectations and drive widespread efficiencies. Is your company ready for this momentous shift?

Abstract neon lights in circular patterns

We help our clients navigate this new era

Whether customers are pulling you to adopt circular principles within your operations, or regulation is pushing you to do so, one thing is clear – the only way to scale circularity is by making it a source of competitive advantage. When designed and operationalized strategically, adopting circular economy principles will act as a key pillar in your growth strategy. 

The Circular Economy Lab at Sia Partners supports clients to transition from existing linear business models towards circularity and launch new circular ventures from the outset. Our work focuses on driving commercial value through circular design without the long timelines and expenditure typically associated with sustainability projects.


How We Help Our Clients

We help clients frame the business case for sustainability, shifting it from a cost centre to a bottom-line growth lever.

We identify disruptive growth opportunities - from building product to service business models to circular transformation and design in waste reduction. Where possible, we ensure that growth opportunities support natural system regeneration so that clients can use their net-positive impact as a source of competitive advantage.

Moreover, we know that different organisations have different starting points, so we offer bespoke services for companies spanning across a wide spectrum of sectors and circular maturity levels. Whether you need help building your circular strategy or could do with extra support actioning the circular strategy that you have to hand, our team of experts is ready to drive your ambitions forward.

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How might we enable your circular ambitions?


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Build Your Circular Strategy

Our innovation and circular economy experts provide businesses with actionable circular strategies to successfully pursue growth whilst decreasing environmental impact.

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Action Your Circular Strategy

We are experienced in moving businesses from strategy to action. We help clients to deliver a greater impact by: building circular ventures, facilitating Circular Transformation, and creating partner ecosystems.


Useful Circular Economy Tools

Whether you are just starting to explore circular practices or have already embedded them within your organisation, our team can help you leverage circularity as a key driver for revenue growth. Here are a few of the key tools and templates which you can download to start on on this journey.

Innovation drivers in circular economy overview

Use this diagram in ideation sessions to generate novel combinations of circular innovation opportunities. We recommend choosing opposite sides of the wheel and asking "How Might We.." questions to bring new mash ups to life with your team.


Our Case Studies

We've helped FTSE100 companies increase revenues whilst reducing their footprint by discovering, designing, and monetizing circular ventures.

Lake on the Isle of Arran

Launching circular economy partner ecosystems.

We identified, designed and launched partner ecosystems (PEs) focused on (1) Blue-Green Infrastructure for urban flood resilience, climate adaptation and supporting the regeneration of natural systems through biodiversity gain, and (2) Tackling incorrect disposal of waste to protect the local environment, communities and infrastructure. Both PEs aligned partners across public, private and third sectors to achieve common goals. We also developed the operating model for our client's PE Centre of Excellence and documented a repeatable playbook that tailored our PE methodology to the client's organisation.

Tractor on a field.

Developing a business plan for Fera Science

We refined, validated and de-risked Fera's sustainability offering for the agri-food value chain. As part of this, we delivered validated value propositions and financial models to support the business case for investing in these. Ultimately, this increased Fera's revenue potential by focusing on the most valuable services in the market and expanding the customer base. 

Cows on a field.

Scouting circular opportunities for Danone

We identified breakthrough innovations across the sustainability landscape and prioritised the opportunities most aligned to Danone’s overarching corporate strategy. In so doing, we generated 20+ sustainability opportunities, each backed by data-led evidence and poised to deliver growth. This enabled  Danone to make better-informed investment decisions.

Microsoft's sustainability aims.

Mapping out Microsoft's waste streams

We designed a cost-effective waste operations model aligned to Microsoft’s long-term net-zero vision and short-term sustainability targets. Leveraging tech solutions and data analysis, we optimised waste collection scheduling, which led to improved sorting and seamless compliance with local standards.

Overhead power lines.

Designing circular roadmaps for an electricity distributor

We worked with a major Canadian electricity distributor to define a comprehensive circular economy roadmap over the short, medium, and long term. Pairing thorough industry research with workshop facilitation, we helped our client get clear on shared ambitions within the circular economy before outlining on the timescales and KPIs required in order to meet those ambitions

France national flag.

Semantic analysis for the French government

We conducted a semantic analysis of circular economy publications while engaging with key stakeholders to gauge the maturity of circular economy initiatives on a national level. This work delivered a Circular Economy strategy within ADEME and normalised 'circular economy' definitions to clearly articulate the role of CE in the national energy and environmental transition.


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