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Industrial Ecology in Quebec: a Key Trigger of the Circular Economy

Over 1.3 million tons of greenhouse gas avoided and $313 million in savings for businesses and regions engaging in industrial ecology projects over the next decade.

The global industrial sector is a major economic driver in Quebec that represents more than 30% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and produces approximately 5 million tons of waste per year. As a key strategy of the circular economy, industrial ecology represents a significant lever for reducing this footprint by sharing goods and services, and reusing recoverable waste as resources.

With 25 industrial symbioses spread across the territory, industrial ecology continues to be leveraged and the first results already demonstrate the environmental and economic potential of these initiatives for local players. 

Based on public feedback from the CTTÉI*, and the expertise of the Quebec ecosystem, Sia Partners has modeled different scenarios for the deployment of industrial ecology in Quebec with a logic of change of scale over the next decade. 


*Centre de Transfert technologique en Écologie Industrielle