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Claims Management Trends for 2023-2024

As customer service experiences undergo a transformation, driven by disruptive digital service providers like Amazon and Netflix, customer expectations are on the rise.

Insurance companies must also adapt their operational models to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. This elevated customer experience is characterized by empathy and an enhanced customer journey, featuring elements such as transparency, digitalization, and personalization that extend beyond contractual obligations, sustainability, and proactive measures.

Sia Partners collaborates with insurance companies worldwide to help them achieve their strategic goals. While focusing on claims management, we assist insurers in transitioning from a claims processing framework to a customer-centric approach, benefiting both insurers and claimants. This transformation of the customer journey is driven by AI and other digital technologies, integrated into a claims ecosystem, and the establishment of a new digital operational model.

Insurers have already taken the initial steps in this transformation, yielding remarkable results. Therefore, stakeholders must expedite their decision to invest in a digital and analytical strategy to avoid a gradual decline and prepare for a resurgence of prosperity.

Defining the insurer's strategy with a focus on the insured as the starting point, understanding current and future customer expectations, and preparing for agile deployment are the essential elements that will enable continuous improvement of the customer experience.

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