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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Digital transformation


Digital disrupts the traditional business fundamentals in all sectors of the economy, suggesting mechanisms of creative destruction as observed by Schumpeter during the previous industrial revolutions. Consumers have become co-creators of the new products and services that are offered to them and are now demanding faster interactions 24/7 as well as real-time information on all channels.

Ways of working thus need to be adapted and reinvented in the age of mobility, information and digital collaboration. Agility and adaptability are the new imperatives that organizations must take into account to be more innovative and to break down silos.

Finally, newcomers shake up the business models of historical players and intensify competitive pressure on value chains while redefining the rules...

Our sectorial teams have developed a strong digital expertise and accompany large players in all stages of their digital transformation, on both business and internal issues:

  • Trigger awareness of digital stakes and impacts
  • Boost strategic and operational alignment on the digital agenda
  • Co-create and implement disruptive business models within an open ecosystem
  • Transform the user experience, align the organization and accompany change

Sia Partners’ vertical organization allows us to bring a deep business expertise in numerous sectors (energy, transportation, telecom, banking, insurance…) alongside transversal competences in mixed teams to conduct a joint work to help business transform and grow.


Define a digital strategy

NTIC have deeply transformed all aspects of life, society and economy. In a globalized competitive landscape extended by the entry of digital and agile pure players, all companies need to understand and identify new playgrounds and position their digital assets to drive further growth.

case study

Sia Partners has helped one of the main transportation player build its digital strategy. Our mixed telecom and transport team has been able to conduct a fine analysis of the local and international landscape and local stakes to build a target and roadmap for the group in an increasingly competitive environment.

Conduct Digital projects with agile methods

Launching and managing new online offers and tools are a key in a digital environment for gaining and maintaining competitive edge. Sia Partners has developed a strong expertise in assisting teams in the management of these complex projects that involve business, IT and customer experience perspectives in an agile mode.

case study

Sia Partners assisted the leader online travel agency in France in the launch and industrialization of a new online multimodal comparator on the European market. The project included the coordination with technology providers and partners, as well as the data management and involved marketing and an IT experts

Decipher digital itineraries of companies

If the digital impact on business models, customer experience and internal practices can not be avoided, there is no single answer to this new equation. Each and every company can and should determine its own path of digital transformation.

case study

In 2013, Sia Partners has launched a Observatory of Digital Strategies to measure the extent of the digital impact in companies. The teams have met 50 decision-makers of the CAC 40 groups during this pilot edition.

Toward a new digital employee experience

The digital revolution is a unique opportunity for companies to transform themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century. But it could also be a threat if not tamed: the profound changes need to be properly channeled to become a potential and prosperous source of competitive advantage. This complex environment and associated trends are constantly analyzed by our Telco industry experts.

case study

Sia Partners has studied workspace and evolution of ways of working , to generate innovative ideas about the future employee experience, in partnership with an institute. The study covered 5 European countries and was composed of a qualitative then quantitative phase and delivered a position paper.

Imagine new playgrounds at the digital age

In the age of open innovation, companies explore a wide range of new playgrounds within internal and external ecosystems. Sia Partners participates actively in the research of new partnerships and collaboration opportunities to foster innovative ideas and business models.

case study

Sia Partners is a key contributor to the Web & IT Management Master of Grenoble Ecole de Management & EEMI (European School of Web Professions). In addition to the animation of several lectures for Master students, Sia Partners also connects and accompanies companies and students on business projects.

Support transformation

As user experience is evolving quickly, internal organizations must also transform continuously to meet customer requirements. Sia Partners has developed a strong expertise in change management and skills evolution.

case study

For a transportation company planning to relocate its headquarters, Sia Partners has lead a change management stream aiming at enhancing digital usages in the future location and accompanying users on new tools.

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Clôture de l'édition 2014 de l'Observatoire des Stratégies Digitales

A l'occasion de la clôture de l'édition 2014 de son Observatoire des Stratégies digitales, Sia Partners annonce la publication du Carnet de tendances digitales 2014, présentant les bonnes pratiques, signaux forts et faibles des transformation digitales des entreprises sur l’année.

Cette publication repose sur les entretiens menés par les équipe...

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