Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.





Sia Partners nurtures innovation and expertise in order to provide companies with a combination of ambition and pragmatism. Manufacturing is a sector where time, money and value do make a difference. Our approach in this field is based on the understanding of the level of requirement of modern industry: time to market, lean manufacturing, reactivity, customer-centric organization, environmentally friendly activities, motivation and talent...To meet these business challenges, our teams are dedicated to delivering value for visible results. Driven by efficiency and pragmatism, we have built fast-track approaches, which respect our clients’ culture and skills, but also challenge our clients to reach a higher level of goals.  

From this point of view, we can address every step of the product life cycle: innovative design, lean manufacturing, industry 3.0 towards 4.0, customer-centric design and delivery, cooperation with suppliers and consumers. We can help our clients to challenge their organization in order to build collaborative networks and intelligent sourcing.

Sia Partners helps industrial companies in their transformation projects by helping them to both mobilize their resources and promote their expertise and vast knowledge of assets and drawbacks.

Our interventions:

  • Organizational re-engineering and project management methods
  • Transformation projects from start to finish
  • Operational performance programs execution
  • Introduction of technological innovations
  • Smooth modernization of IT system

Sia Partners helps its clients overcome the following types of challenges:


Improve customer services

- A thorough understanding of the multiplicity of selling and interaction channels 
- Supply chain reconfiguration and rationalization

Manage more effectively costs and cost/benefit ratios

- Management of energy consumption and raw materials
- Performance of each part of the value chain: purchase, production, customer relationships, logistics, planning

Encourage employees to contribute to performance vectors

- Continuous progress and lean management
- Impact analyses and plans for change management
- Integration of new generations in the company
- Collaborative knowledge management
- Social management

Use the potential of IT to generate value

- Rationalization of ERP systems
- Performance of management systems, B2B collaborative solutions, dematerialization
- IT cost management
- Promotion of new technologies (RFID, positioning systems, NFC, mobility tools)

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