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The recent pressure on public finances necessitates a reevaluation of the scope of public policy and a review of its terms (actors, action levers, etc.). This applies to all levels of public intervention: the State, operators, local authorities, and social welfare and public health bodies.

It goes without saying that this situation calls into question public action overall: users/taxpayers require a combination of a quality service that is efficient and that respects the main principles of public service as defined by the State.

Among the levers that can be activated is digitalization, which in addition to being an internal transformation lever, must adapt constantly in order to remain at the service of companies and individuals for whom uses are rapidly evolving.

Sia Partners is a consulting firm independent of auditors, vendors and integrators of IT solutions to ensure advice that is neutral and impartial.

Sia Partners has recently developed its activity within the public sector. Our firm is not associated with previous reforms, while benefiting from the personal experiences of our consultants in relation to them. Our view of the imminent transformation programs is objective and without preconceptions. In two years we have earned the trust of major public institutions: the General Secretariat for the Modernization of Public Action (SGMAP), the Interministerial Directorate of Information and Communication Systems (DISIC), the Prime Minister’s office, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (ESEC), the Central Agency for Social Security Funds (ACOSS), and the Ministry of national education, among others.

Our experts also advise clients on PPP Strategy, Financial Modeling and Due Diligence, as well as implementation, execution and optimization of PPP.


Strategic alignment

The strategic alignment of public organizations is a key factor in the overall coherence of public action at the decision-making, intermediate and operational levels. Sia Partners supports public organizations in the creation of their strategic plan, the implementation of the study into return on investment for their major projects and in conducting comparative studies.  

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Sia Partners provides long-term support of the Interministerial Directorate of Information to qualify the appropriateness, feasibility and profitability of its major digital public service programmes.

Successful transformations

Transformation projects are committed to increasing the efficiency of public entities: a better quality of service at lower cost while maintaining a high quality of work life for employees. Sia Partners steers and co-implements end-to-end transformation programs. In particular, the company implements the managerial levers that facilitate successful change.

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Sia Partners works with the French Prime Minister’s office in the transformation of its support functions. Sia Partners brings added value to all the areas of transformation: strategic alignment, process, organisation, management of employees and skills, and change management.  

Innovation and expertise

The depth of the ongoing transformations requires extensive expertise from companies accompanying public organizations. Sia Partners maintains the highest level of market expertise through constant monitoring, publications and the capitalization on its missions. Our expertise covers a wide range of functions: public HR, (GPEC, quality of work life, prevention of RPS), public finances (State, operators, local authorities), communication, uses of digital and information systems, and public purchasing.

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Sia Partners recently intervened in the leadership project of the national digital department of the Ministry of Education. The company has built on its expertise in mergers of entities to define the organisational target of future direction.  

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Notre expertise au service des collectivités territoriales

Sia Partners met à profit son savoir-faire au service du secteur public local, à travers le développement d’offres dédiées, et d’une équipe spécialisée afin d’accompagner les collectivités dans les nombreux défis qui les attendent (finances locales, transformations organisationnelles, évolution des compétences, etc.). Notre plaquette présente ce...

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