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Life at Sia Partners

Culture & Values

Since our creation in 1999, Entrepreneurship has always been the cornerstone of our firm and the desire to grow a constant. Innovation and anticipation are also a major part of our story.

Our Values

Our six core values guide all of our actions:

Excellence | Entrepreneurship | Innovation | Teamwork | Care & Support | Employee Wellbeing

Sia Village

An expression of our values, our Sia Village concept describes our commitment to fostering a sense of community within and among our offices. We believe that knowledge sharing is the key, not only to innovation, but to the growth and development of our people. Working together allows us to challenge one another and, as a result, raise the bar in our commitment to excellence, both individually and collectively. The conception of our offices is, therefore, a focal point of the Sia Village. Sia Partners office spaces worldwide follow a cohesive design scheme, intended to facilitate teamwork and encourage community and wellbeing. To cultivate a sense of togetherness between offices, our employees have access to a host of collaborative tools and internal networks, like DEIB @ Sia Partners and BU or sector-related clubs. Outside of the office, corporate events, like our annual seminars, are occasions for our people to connect with colleagues from all over the world, in a context that is unique and memorable.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We are committed to building into our DNA a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, in which our people thrive in a sense of belonging

Annual Seminars

Develop your skills

As the business world continues to evolve, it is important to keep abreast of changes to reglementation and technology, and thus develop new skills to support these transitions, as they can disrupt our clients’ business models.

Broaden your Expertise

Upon arrival, our consultants specialize in a service, sector or role which allows them to:

  • Collaborate with experts on the same team.
  • Develop their knowledge in a certain field or profession, and share their research via articles, studies or white papers.
  • Help us tailor our offers to the level of expertise sought by our clients.
  • Capitalize on our skills in the context of “Knowledge Management”.

Beyond specializing in a function or sector, our consultants are able to experience a variety of missions, clients and business models.

Co-construction and Ideation: Inspiring to Innovate

Encouraging our collaborators to work intensively on a chosen theme, in order to produce a timely solution, is key in consolidating knowledge. This is demonstrated by “Sia Ideas”, our internal innovation contest.

Sia Institute: Internal Training Offers

Sia Institute is a collection of certified training courses which allows our collaborators to develop their professional skills, soft skills and specialized knowledge. More than 250 courses are available in different formats such as online, mobile and in-person. 

Internal Mobility

Sia Partners offers internal and international mobility opportunities. Building on its integrated structure, the firm offers its consultants new career opportunities and challenges, regardless of their position (from Junior consultants to Senior managers). 

We reward excellence, and career progression is based on merit.

A focus on the Open Track program: this program allows 10 consultants each year to work in 1 or 2 different Sia Partners locations, for a duration of 2 years.

Sia Partners is ranked as a "Best Workplace" by Great Place to Work and Happy Trainees. 



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