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Beyond COVID-19: navigating the aftermath

The latest Coronavirus Disease has spread rapidly across the world and now presents significant health and business challenges. As the disruption continues to evolve, organizations need to demonstrate not only business and operational resiliency, but also the ability to adapt quickly.

With the dynamic and open-ended nature of the current pandemic events, organizations need to regroup and re-engage with their customers and suppliers. Organizations must also find innovative ways to increase employee and stakeholder engagement while working remotely.

Sia Partners can support your organization during these challenging times and help you respond and adapt to this “new normal”.

Covid-19 Crisis Management and Resolution Wheel

Find out below how our experts can help

1/ Incident and Crisis Management

2/ People and Resource Planning

3/ Financial and Risk Management

4/ Sales and Customer Experience

5/ Supply Chain Optimization

6/ Technology

7/ Compliance

Incident and Crisis Management

  • Agile business continuity planning and execution
  • Incident and crisis management team augmentation
  • Real-time situation monitoring and dashboards
  • Enhanced communications
  • Change management
  • Business impact assessment

People and Resource Planning

  • Human welfare and enhanced communication
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • HR benefits update per local regulations
  • Workforce adjustments
  • People and physical resource planning

Financial and Risk Management

  • Liquidity and cash management
  • Access to Government support
  • Capital and risk management
  • Product features and new products
  • Communication and disclosures

Sales and Customer Experience

  • Customer retention
  • Sales workforce efficiencies
  • New pricing strategies
  • Media and promotion budget
  • Campaign and targeting efficiency
  • Digital marketing workforce improvements

Supply Chain Optimization

  • End-to-end visibility and hot spot identification
  • Alternative supply chain scenarios
  • Diversification
  • Negotiation and collaboration with partners,  suppliers and customers


  • Fast-tracking digital transformation
  • Remote work enablement
  • Seamless IT continuity
  • IT risk and security
  • COVID-19 impacts measurement and tracking
  • IT project portfolio restructuration


  • Data privacy and ethics
  • Contract management
  • Fraud and cybersecurity
  • Internal compliance policies and procedures
  • Regulatory change management

Observatory of trends

Check out our dashboards to monitor the covid-19 latest impacts and trends on topics like the state of the epidemic, the audience in the media, traffic jams, power consumption, flights, air quality…

​And many more to come!


Sia Partners helps you decode this unprecedented situation


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