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Solvency II

Sia Partners supports clients with production tasks, to enhance and automate processes, develop and document their internal models, manage the modeling risk and generate proposals to improve their solvency margin.

Our expertise with the Solvency II directive, allows us to assist our clients with the entire scope of issues they may face:

  • Production and quality review of SII figures: production of BE, SCR, MVBS, production of QRTs and narrative reports, ORSA report, strengthen and assist the actuarial function, internal control or audit teams
  • Improve / transform their SII processes: flash diagnosis and improvement proposal, writing governance and standards manuals, selecting dedicated tools or developing in-house solutions, reviewing and improving data quality, automating production processes and internal controls, improving or setting up data visualization for better communication of information, training operational teams.
  • Steer the solvency margin: business plan preparation, definition of alternative scenarios (unstressed, stressed, reverse stress, etc), proposing improvements to the solvency margin via their funds, risk transfer techniques, management actions during crisis handling.
  • Training: training the actuarial and risk teams, training the owners of key functions, training the management team and more generally the administration unit of risk management
  • Internal model: modelling and creating a mirror model, writing a homologation report, independent validation and more generally model risk management

FInally, we have extended our know-how beyond Solvency II regulations by acquiring expertise of Recovery Plan implementations, the Swiss Solvency Test (SST) and our understanding of the ICS is currently under discussion within the IAIS.

We can offer traditional missions (Cost-plus or fixed-price contracts), as well as other types of formats such as interim missions, transition management or out-sourcing solutions.