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Ski Resorts E-Barometer bot

Maintain mountain attractiveness during high and low season

What is it ?

Maintaining tourist numbers at winter sports resorts requires a continuous development of services such as catering, accommodation, ski slopes, facilities, etc. in line with growing customer expectations in a highly competitive environment.

One of the main concerns is to maintain the attractiveness in low season by enhancing the mountain’s cultural and natural heritage.

While social networks are becoming increasingly important in people’s daily lives, data from the Internet provides valuable, meaningful, and reliable information about people’s perceptions of food, accommodation, or activity offerings.

Social networks are the second channel of information consulted when preparing a trip and its data have a great influence on a resort’s reputation.


Analyzing french ski resorts e-reputation by using natural language

Sia Partners’ Data science team analyses French ski resorts e-reputation by using Natural Language Processing techniques applied to online reviews from social networks, focusing on ten of the most important French ski resorts in the Alps.

It allows stakeholders in the tourism sector and inhabitants to learn more about their assets and the global perception of their resort.

The main axis developed in our study are the following: restaurant, accommodation, heritage and leisure activities.

Our combined report of the ski resorts e-barometer is represented with temporal evolution graphs, interactive maps and comparative bar charts. The sentiment analysis study has been developed with the use of the LETTRIA API.


If you wish to learn more about Ski Resorts E-Barometer bot, use the link below to access a demo:

Ski Resorts E-Barometer bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

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