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Advanced AI Technologies

Our R&D teams work on cutting-edge technologies and imagined use cases with our customers and business teams. These projects result in a catalogue of AI accelerators (solutions, PoCs, data sets) dedicated to accelerating ideation and development.

Edge Machine Learning

Machine Learning On The Edge is the implementation of machine learning algorithms within microprocessors, for complete autonomy of connected and intelligent objects. This allows the artificial intelligence to be positioned as close as possible to the operational level.


Satellite images analysis

The ease of access to satellite images and progress made in satellite computer-vision enable the emergence of value added use cases. Those techniques can cover large geographic areas, with a high level of precision at a controlled cost.


Time prediction

Sia Partners capitalizes on its long experience of temporal modeling in sectors historically familiar with these practices such as energy and transportation to bring its own expertise in new use cases.


Conversational User Interfaces

Conversational User Interfaces combine natural language processing and IA technologies to mimic conversation with real people. To cope with an increasing user demand for an instant and tailor-made information, we support our clients in the deployment of chatbots.



We work with public and private stakeholders to define business cases an to implement strategies for the exploitation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies. Our areas of intervention include the study of operating models, technology selection, regulatory intelligence and risk management.


Augmented/Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality technologies pave the way for in-depth disruptions and transform the customer experience as well as the way companies work. To take advantage of these opportunities, we support our clients throughout the adoption and integration processes of these technologies.


Taxonomy & Ontology

We advise our clients in semantic analysis of content (taxonomy, ontologies) in order to give the content meaning and improve its relevance by structuring it. To achieve this objective, we capitalize on our AI technologies and on machine learning.


Voice Recognition/Virtual Assistants

We help our customers develop and integrate voice recognition and virtual assistant technologies knowing that these solutions represent real levers for rethinking the customer experience and increasing user engagement via new interaction channels.