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Sustainable Procurement & Decarbonation

Regulations and markets oblige companies to be CSR aware. Purchasing departments are taking over the transformation of strategies, panels and practices in the direction of balancing interests. We contribute to this for natively responsible purchasing actions.

Responsible purchasing training

The application of CSR approaches and policies requires the understanding and ownership of internal stakeholders in order to enable the effective implementation of the tools deployed. Sia Partners designs and runs training courses to anchor the CSR reflex in operational practices.


Risks and CSR action plan

A CSR approach implies the practice of the markets and needs of the Purchasing portfolio. This depends on the relevance of family and supplier opportunities and risks, the basis for actions (specifications, progress plan, SME recourse...) that have positive impacts for all stakeholders.


Purchasing policy and performance

Sia Partners assists companies in their normative compliance process (CSR Directive, SAPIN II, RGPD, Duty of Care, ...). Risks/opportunities diagnosis, remediation plan, and trainings are the key ingredients as well as the combination of Purchasing, markets and CSR expertise.