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Cybersecurity & Resilience Services

End-to-end support for the definition, implementation, evaluation and improvement of your cybersecurity and resilience processes and systems. Our offer is divided into 6 pillars: Cyber Strategy, Cyber Risk, Cyber Compliance, Cyber Operations, Resilience and the Sia Cyber Institute.

Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk supports firms in implementing a risk management approach, carrying out Cyber risk analysis and assessing the risk of third party vendors. Our offer also includes risk mitigation related to internal malicious acts as well as an analytical approach to your risks.

Our offers


    We utilized CyberBot with a top/down risk assessment process that centralises analysis and business processes maps across the company. It schematises all the risks in order to have the vantage points and offer bespoke and effective risk treatment plans.

  • Cyber Risk Analytics

    CRA offers quantitative risk analysis by combining the results of the carried out analysis according to market standards with indicators and data from detection tools. This takes into account events occurring over a given period to draw up a genuine observation of the organisation’s risks.

  • Cyber Insider Risk

    Cyber Insider Risk is a response to a challenge: early detection of internal malice by making the best use of all the data available to organisations.
    Pre-identification of all threat scenarios is carried out, taking into account weak signals (behaviour analysis tools from the market or our teams).

  • Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

    TPRM provides an end-to-end solution that ensures an optimal level of security in the management of supplier relationships. By defining an Information Security oriented contractual framework, it allows organisations to anticipate and manage cyber risks emanating from their suppliers.

  • Cyber Risk Assessment & Treatment

    Cyber risk analysis leverages the highest market standards on the assets of an organisation.
    A Risk Framework has been developed and offers a consolidation of risks inherent to each sector of activity, as well as a Risk Treatment Plan.

  • Cyber Risk Management

    Cyber Risk Management allows organisations to create an approach around Cyber risks, via the construction of a framework, of an analytical approach based on standards and the regulatory ecosystem, and through the implementation of mapping and management tools.