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Cyber Strategy

Supports organizations in their strategic choices and the structuring of its Cyber sectors, and the Cyber success of their M&A and transformation operations. Rating of the Cyber performance and maturity of the entities within/of an organization regarding its competitors within its sector.


Security as a service capability is our solution to provide specialized expertise and meet the specific needs of organizations for specific or transitional needs. Our consultants have the technical knowledge and corporate governance experience to help build a Cyber foundation.


Cyber Benchmarking & Rating

Cyber Benchmarking & Rating gives leaders the positioning of Cybersecurity in their organization regarding their peers by a comparison between the organization's mid term/long term Cyber strategy and roadmap and its competititors’.


Cyber Transformation

Cyber Transformation allows the achievement of organisations’ business objectives by accompanying them in their digital transition through the definition of their Cyber strategic choices : development strategy, targeted architecture, business cases that need to be launched and implementation roadmap


Cyber M&A Due Dilligence

Cyber M&A Due Diligence advocates the fact that information heritage and Cyber resilience are now an integral part of the criterion for a business’s valuation. We support leaders throughout the merger / acquisition process whether they are on the buyers’ side or the sellers’.


Cyber Target Operating Model

Cyber TOM allows, depending on the business and ambitions of the organizations, to structure their Cyber sectors by identifying the capabilities they need in order to anchor the Cyber strategy as close as possible to reality.


Cyber For Boards & Executives

We support Boards & Executives regarding their choice of Cybersecurity strategy, and provide answers related to their business ambitions, while preserving the shareholders and investors interests’ regarding Cyber risk.