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Business Transformation and Patient Pathways

Sia Partners’ proven expertise extends to helping residential care services transform their business, as well as establishing and coordinating a local ecosystem (regional actors, residential care sites, hospital groups…) in order to construct new patient pathways.

Defining and Implementing Patient Pathways

Sia Partners favors a systematic, iterative, process-focused approach in order to help stakeholders evaluate their local agencies. Subsequently, they are able to build, deploy and maintain patient pathways. To reach this goal, Sia Partners seeks advice from several experts in the industry.


Structuring Institutional Governance

Reconstructing the health ecosystem (according to the needs of local hospital groups) means adapting its administration. Sia Partners works alongside supporting entities and private groups in this regard.


Adapting Organizations and Working Arrangements

Sia Partners has developed a methodical approach to evaluating the entire organizational structure (processes, management, work-life balance, quality of services, resources etc).