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Rolling out Smart Meters

Rolling out Smart Meters creates value for all stakeholders of the electricity value chain. For Distribution System Operators, it is also a major industrial challenge.
We support clients internationally in their Smart Metering projects, providing advice and expertise at all stages.


Smart Meters: The First Step Towards Developing Smart Grids

The deployment of Smart Meters provides DSOs with both unprecedented wide-scale observability of the grid and new remote operation capabilities.
This constitutes the first building block towards the gradual deployment of technologies, enabling the development of more advanced functionalities and services, based on the analysis of the large volume of data generated.

Sia Partners supports clients in the implementation of innovative Smart Grid services


Challenges to Tackle in a Smart Metering Project

#1 Making the right strategic choices at the start of the project

The choices made during the strategy definition stage will structure the project in the long term and are not easily reversible. A smart meter strategy must be aligned with the organization’s corporate strategy and ambitions while taking into account regulatory constraints and market expectations.

#2 Choosing adequate technologies at each level of the system

Implementing Smart Meters is about setting up a complex and large-scale infrastructure comprised of hardware (meters and data concentrators), different communication technologies, and end-to-end AMI information systems. Choosing the right technology for each of these components is crucial to reaching the overall ambition of the project while fulfilling the technical, geographical, and budgetary context.

#3 Supporting the transformation of the organization and its business processes

A smart metering project implies a profound transformation for DSOs:

  • A heavy impact on historical business activities such as decreased manual meter reading, a revolution of network maintenance, and supervision and increased reliance on support functions (marketing, HR, finance..) during the roll-out phase.
  • The emergence of new business activities such as development, management and maintenance of the smart metering infrastructure or the management and exploitation of a large amount of data.

This transformation impacts all DSOs' business processes and it is crucial to anticipate and support it in order to guarantee a smooth and successful transition.


What We Do

Our ability to support you in defining and launching your project is the result of experience acquired from many different projects in terms of technologies, procurement strategy, and deployment strategy.

Project Framing


  • Strategy definition
  • Technical and economic analysis for technology selection
  • Project framing: business plan, roll-out strategy, purchasing strategy
Tender Process


  • Technical and functional specifications drafting for AMI Infrastructure (hardware and systems)
  • Tendering process support: preparation, publication, evaluation of bids
Project Setup


  • Project governance and organization
  • Contractual management
  • Business processes
Project Implementation


  • System supervision and maintenance
  • Deployment and sourcing
  • Change management

Overview of our Projects

Sia Partners assists DSOs in Smart Meter and Smart Grid projects, from the framing phase of the Smart Meter project to the implementation of innovative Smart Grid uses cases. We intervene as operational support on your projects and also as technical experts (Data Science, SI, IoT, Hardware, Telecom, Electric Mobility).